Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership: Growing with Each Other

The Peer Leadership experience is regularly cited by students as one of the highlights of their time at the Mount.


A distinguishing program of which we are proud, peer leadership is designed with a unique dual purpose: to assist incoming freshmen as they adjust to the new world of high school, and to foster the leadership qualities of selected seniors.

Peer Leadership at a Glance


The peer leadership program involves all freshmen and a select group of seniors. Freshmen meet in small groups to share their thoughts and feelings about adjusting to the Mount and to seek solutions or advice about any challenges they may be facing. The seniors facilitate activities, drawing upon their own experiences to initiate their younger peers into life at the Mount.

Together with their senior peers, the freshmen are better equipped to navigate their new worlds while forming new relationships with their peer leaders.


Peer Leadership, one of the Mount’s distinguishing programs, was first launched over 25 years ago in order to promote a schoolwide culture of participation and encouragement. We have found that it is one of the most impactful experiences students have at the Mount.

All students emerge richer: seniors develop skills in leadership and counsel, while freshmen practice autonomy and independence. Each participant develops skills in relationship building, both one-on-one and in groups.


All incoming freshmen are enrolled in the peer leadership program automatically; no special registration or application is required for freshmen.

All seniors are eligible to serve as peer leaders and must go through an extensive application and interview process. Once accepted, peer leaders receive special training to facilitate group discussion and activities for incoming freshmen.

For more information, contact Moderator: Ms. Kristen Zosche