Super SHEro - Cora Ianiro '11

Super SHEro - Cora Ianiro '11

Cora Ianiro, MSDA Class of 2011, is a Year 3 Medical Student at Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson, Louisiana. Prior to COVID19, Cora notes that she had a typical medical student experience; “I would simply try to help out and learn as much as I could in the hospital. My day consisted of checking on patients in the morning, assisting in surgeries, helping my residents write their notes, and attending lectures.”

But in the days of COVID19, some things have change, and Cora is getting experience she would have never expected. “NOLA is one of the hardest hit COVID19 areas in the United States. Fortunately, my medical school did not require us to stay out of the hospital during the COVID19 pandemic and allowed us to help our community. We continued our learning in the hospital and were encouraged to volunteer our extra time to aid in the COVID19 response. I have been rotating through the PICU, working with some very sick children. While there, I had the opportunity to publish a case report on a novel presentation of COVID19 in a child. For me, this has been one of the most rewarding experiences during this pandemic, because I know this report will not only further our broad knowledge of COVID19, but also help children that contract the virus in the future. In my free time, I work in the COVID19 call center to help triage incoming suspected COVID19 patients and point them in the right direction.”

Like so many others before, when commenting on what she is experiencing and feeling working in healthcare during the pandemic, Cora highlighted the selflessness and commitment of her colleagues; “I have seen such amazing sacrifice around me and I am in awe of the selflessness of all healthcare workers during this time. I know that this is a defining moment in my medical career, and the inspiring times I have experienced will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Cora went on to share who she has drawn her personal inspiration from, and turned the spotlight over to the hero in her life. “I just would also like to shout out my mother, Myrtle Ianiro, who is an OR nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Her hard work and dedication to helping others has been a model for me all my life. She has been working diligently through this pandemic and is a hero in every sense of the word!” Like mother, like daughter, Cora! Thank you to you and your mother for the expert care and compassion you both provide to your patients, and for doing all you can to help your community navigate these challenging times.

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