Seeking Truth, Speaking Truthfully, Being True: Dominican Education Today

Seeking Truth, Speaking Truthfully, Being True: Dominican Education Today

MSDA Faculty & Staff will participate in the Dominican Association of Secondary Schools Convocation 2021 on Friday, March 5. 

DASS was formed over 20 years ago to support and sustain the 800year Dominican intellectual and spiritual legacy. This year the annual Convocation will be the Mount's faculty/staff enrichment day and we will join with Dominican educators across the country for the virtual event titled, “Seeking Truth, Speaking Truthfully, Being True: Dominican Education Today.”

With questions of misinformation, lying, and “fake news” now part of everyday conversation, our Dominican charism for truth takes on a renewed relevance. How can our age-old commitment to “Veritas” be part of the distinctive witness DASS schools offer the wider society? The event's keynote speaker Dr. Ann Garrido will highlight three ways every Dominican school can embrace its deepest identity in this trying time.

Dr. Garrido is Associate Professor of Homiletics at Aquinas institute of Theology in St. Louis, MO and the author of several books, including Let’s Talk about Truth: A Guide for Preachers, Teachers, and Other Catholic Leaders in a World of Doubt and Discord. She has been affiliated with Dominican education since 1995 and is a regular preacher for the Dominican website, The Word.

The Mount looks forward to this enriching day for all of us.

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