Remote Leaning Week Three

Remote Leaning Week Three


It’s Mount Monday! Thanks to the Shearn Family ’18, ’20, ’22 for our daily Dominican prayer. Let’s get after it, Mount!

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Good morning! Today Dr. Muoio starts us off with the morning prayer with the help of the Palumbo family and a special visitor in the Athletic Center weight room.

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The Sulc girls opened our Dominican prayer and our first April morning today! Dr. Muoio connected with School Counselor Mrs. Condon on #WellnessWednesday for some great tips and also featured a special guest! Don’t forget to show #MountSpirit with Christmas in April today.

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Good Thursday morning from the Castillo sisters and The Mount! Reminded of “The Invisible Thread” story by Laura Schroff, Dr. Muoio emphasizes our connectedness through the Mount and carrying one another in our hearts. Looking forward to seeing everyone for Spirit Week - Pajama Day. Let’s get after it, Mount! 
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Happy Friday (and almost spring break) morning from the Przyhocki Family '91,'17,'20,'23 and The Mount! Can't wait to see all adorable Mount pets on #SpiritWeek - Bring Your Pets to School Day! Special thanks to Maura Mulvihill ’19 for sharing her Lenten reflections and her faith journey with us. Dr. Muoio wishes everyone a #HappyEaster and restful break and reminds us to please continue to reach out to our community over these next two weeks. #QuarantineLife #GirlsSchools #Prayer #Study #Community #Mission #VirtualLearning #WeAreTheMount #MSDA1892

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