Register for our MSDA Entrance Exam Prep Course

Register for our MSDA Entrance Exam Prep Course

The course will take place on Saturday 10/31/20 and 11/7/20 and will provide a review of mathematics, reading, language arts skills, instruction in quantitative and verbal reasoning, and general test-taking strategies. The course will be taught by members of the Mount faculty who have extensive experience in preparing students for standardized tests in mathematics, reading, and language arts.

Mount St. Dominic Academy Entrance Exam registration is now open. You can click here to see more information about the exam and registration.

Each session runs from 10:00 am to 12:45 pm and will consist of:

  • 75 minutes Language Arts
  • 15 minute break
  • 75 minutes Math

Students may attend one or both sessions. Zoom participation in one session is $125 or both sessions for $200 (the in-person sessions are now capped due to health and safety restrictions, virtual-only available.) Please indicate which sessions your daughter plans to attend and you may contact Cathy Bolger or Jenny Whitmore in our Admissions Office with any questions at or 973-226-0660, Ext. 1122/1114.

Fill out the form to register for the Mount's Entrance Exam Course:



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