MSDA Athletics COVID Spectator Guidelines Fall 2020

MSDA Athletics COVID Spectator Guidelines Fall 2020

Our goal at The Mount is to conduct athletics safely. We will need help from our students, coaches, parents and all of our spectators. Students will be supervised, but we need our adult spectators to understand the guidelines below and monitor their own behavior.

In order of importance, we strive to have a healthy Fall Athletic Season, watched by parents, other family members, and students. Some schools are beginning their season with no spectators or only a limited number of family members. If necessary, we will play all of our athletic contests in front of no spectators, but before excluding groups, we will attempt to have fans safely attend sporting events while maintaining some basic protocols.

Below are guidelines that have been developed by the Mount St. Dominic Academy Athletic Department in conjunction with the NJSIAA, the Super Essex Conference, and the CWC Recreation Department.

We will abide by the following guidelines for Mount Athletic Events:

  • ALL spectators must wear masks at all times while attending a Mount Sporting Event

    • If there is a health reason that prevents you from wearing a mask please contact Lorenzo Sozio prior to an athletic event (

  • In areas with limited or no seating such as the tennis courts and the JV soccer field (on campus), people will respect their fellow spectators by remaining socially distanced.

    • Family members are permitted to sit in closer proximity to one another

  •  All children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent

  • When we become visitors, we will be guided by the rules dictated by our host

  • These protocols are subject to change at any time -- updates will be made as necessary


See below for our following Fall Season Athletic Sites Guidelines:


Essex Valley School (EVS) ADDITIONAL Guidelines – CWC Recreation Dept.

Address: 1 Henderson Dr, West Caldwell, NJ 07006

  • All spectators are responsible for screening their own health before attending events. If you feel sick, please stay home.

  • Masks must be worn when entering the facility

  • Spectators will only be allowed in the gates 15 minutes prior to the their game time

  • 106 spectators are permitted inside the gate

  • Only players and coaches will be allowed on the east side of the field

  • Within EVS all spectators must sit on marked social distancing spots in the bleachers. Families should sit between two markings

  • Standing inside the gate is only permitted where X’s are present and social distancing must be observed

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

  • Indoor bathrooms are not available

  • Failure to follow guidelines may result in removal from the event.


JV Grass Soccer Field (Mount St. Dominic Academy) ADDITIONAL Guidelines

Address: 3 Ryerson Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006

  • There are NO BLEACHERS for spectators at the field

    • Lawn chairs are permitted and must be socially distanced unless with family members

  • Indoor bathrooms are NOT AVAILABLE, there will be porta potties on site

  • Because of the limited area, there will be NO ball playing or running around allowed


Grover Cleveland Park Tennis Courts ADDITIONAL Guidelines

Address: 69 Brookside Ave, Caldwell, NJ 07006

  • There are NO BLEACHERS for spectators at the courts

    • Lawn chairs are permitted and must be socially distanced unless with family members

  • NO SPECTATORS are allowed by the home/visiting team bench areas

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