Mount St. Dominic Proudly Announces Student Government Leaders and the New Siena Seven

Mount St. Dominic Proudly Announces Student Government Leaders and the New Siena Seven

Inclusivity is a fundamental value of The Mount. All students need to feel that they belong and have equal opportunities and access to classes, sports, extracurricular activities, and leadership positions. With this in mind, The Mount’s Student Council has added a new layer to its structure, allowing for a broader spectrum of students to participate in the school’s leadership. Seven new positions have been created as a support and advising system to the Executive Board of the Student Council. The seven positions, called the Siena Seven, will be similar to Cabinet Members for the US President. They will also act as liaisons to the administration and teachers. These seven will encompass all aspects of school life with a focus on the four core pillars of the school’s Dominican Values – Study, Prayer, Community, and Service. 

The traditional Student Council roles remain the center of the leadership structure. Elections take place each spring. The Executive Board will meet on a weekly basis and these meetings will include the new Siena Seven. In addition, each grade has their own leaders. (9th grade elections will take place in the fall). These leaders plan their own grade level meetings and join the Executive Board and Siena Seven for meetings once a month.

Congratulations to all our Student Council!

Below find the descriptions of our new SIENA SEVEN cabinet positions:

Secretary of Sisterhood – works with all groups and clubs that are responsible for the transitioning of new students to the school, as well as any group that involves student bonding (Ambassadors, Peer Leaders, Big/Little Sister, etc.) This secretary will be the point person on the Student Government that coordinates with the various organizations, including helping with opening of school, welcoming traditions, open houses, and the scheduling of groups and activities so there are no conflicts.

Secretary of Academics - works with the Principal and Academic Committee to help with academic and curricular planning. This secretary will be the liaison with the administration for discussions on test days, exams, special schedules, etc.

Secretary of Student Life -  works with the Student Activities Faculty to create and schedule events, traditions, special spirit days – ensuring that there are no conflicts or too many special events at the same time. This person will also work with the Counseling Office to create opportunities in Health and Wellness and the college process as well.

Secretary of Ministry - works with administrators on the Campus Ministry Team to plan out the years’ events including liturgies, prayer services, community service opportunities, service trips, and community outreach (local as well as national and international). 

Secretary of Athletics - works with the athletic director, coaches, and administration to ensure that sports news is documented and promulgated; pep rallies and other sports related events are planned; and athletic recognition and activities are consistent and equitable among all sports teams. 

Secretary of Inclusion - works with the DEIB Coordinator and is the point person for equity and inclusion. This secretary will assist with the various cultural months and activities; help schedule events, workshops for all multicultural and diversity clubs, and keep the community informed and aware of DEIB celebrations and/or concerns.

Secretary of the Arts - responsible for promoting and coordinating anything related to the arts (i.e.: music, theater, stage management, PAC upkeep, etc.) Responsibilities include working with fellow Siena Seven to coordinate content and themes for weekly Morning Meetings and other special assemblies in the Theater space.

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