Mount Community Gains Valuable Insights from Dr. Carla Andrews' Presentation on Building Confident Connections

Mount Community Gains Valuable Insights from Dr. Carla Andrews' Presentation on Building Confident Connections

In a compelling presentation held on December 6th, Dr. Carla Andrews, a distinguished Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in teen and young adult psychology, addressed the Mount community on the crucial topic of "Confident Connections - Navigating Relationships Within Your School Community." Staff, students, and educators gathered to gain insights into fostering positive relationships and addressing social conflicts.


Dr. Andrews highlighted the distinction between social conflict and bullying, emphasizing the transient nature of conflicts and their lack of intentional harm. Advocating for proactive measures, she proposed a social-ecological model involving students, parents, counselors, and administrators to prevent and address such issues.


The core of the presentation focused on equipping students with essential skills for navigating social conflicts. Dr. Andrews emphasized the importance of two-way communication, active listening, and conflict resolution. Drawing from personal experiences, she urged a shift from competition to collaboration, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.


The interactive session that followed encouraged students to reflect on their social skills and actively contribute to building a more inclusive and supportive school environment. Dr. Andrews' engaging talk was met with enthusiasm from students who posed meaningful and relevant questions, setting the stage for ongoing discussions in classrooms and with the Guidance Department.


The overarching takeaway from the presentation is a collective move towards proactive strategies, empowering students to navigate conflicts independently and contribute to a positive school community. 


About Dr. Carla Andrews:

Dr. Carla Andrews is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in teens, young adults, women's wellness, and parenting support. With a background in Clinical Psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, a Master's in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University, and a Bachelor's in Psychology from New York University, Dr. Andrews brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Her commitment to continued education and diverse experiences underscores her comprehensive understanding of psychological development across different life stages, benefiting individuals and families alike.

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