Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds: Insights from Celebrity Makeup Artist Nydia Cabrera on Success, Resilience, and Finding Your Why"

Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds: Insights from Celebrity Makeup Artist Nydia Cabrera on Success, Resilience, and Finding Your Why"

This week, students engaged in the Mount’s L.E.O. program were treated to an inspiring talk by renowned makeup artist Nydia Cabrera. Nydia shared captivating insights into her
entrepreneurial journey,

"Say, Yes!” to Opportunities.

She emphasized the importance of seizing opportunities and embracing uncertainty. Drawing from her own experiences, she encouraged the students to adopt a positive and open mindset, emphasizing the significance of being friendly, personable, and authentic in their pursuits.

Trust the Timing of Your Life

Nydia imparted valuable advice about patience and the perfect timing of success. Reflecting on her own trajectory, she recounted her transition from a makeup counter at M.A.C. to
entrepreneurship, a decision driven by her growing clientele. She underscored the courage it took to make such a significant leap and highlighted the serendipitous meeting with Eve Pearl,
founder of Eve Pearl Beauty Brands, as a pivotal moment in her career.

Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 to Someone Else's Chapter 20

Addressing the detrimental effects of comparison, Nydia urged students to resist envy and avoid
measuring their progress against others on social media. She emphasized the facade often
presented on social platforms and encouraged the class to focus on their unique journeys,
advising them to disengage from social media if it hinders their personal growth and happiness.

Think Outside the Box

Adapting to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Nydia shared her journey of reinvention and
encouraged students to think creatively. Through goal-setting, virtual teaching, and the launch of her skincare line, she demonstrated the power of resilience and the ability to identify one's
unique strengths. Nydia emphasized the importance of diversifying income streams and
embracing constant evolution.

What’s Your Why?
Nydia challenged the students to reflect on their motivations and drive, asking, “What’s your
why?” She shared her own personal motivations, emphasizing the role of family in her life.
Nydia stressed that understanding one's "why" serves as a source of motivation and direction in
their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Use Your Gifts to Serve Others

Despite her humble beginnings, Nydia highlighted the importance of giving back and being of
service to others. She shared her commitment to various outreach programs and encouraged
the class to leverage their gifts to positively impact the lives of those around them.

Your Moment is Coming – Don’t Give Up!

In moments of uncertainty, Nydia advised students to stay positive and persevere. Reflecting on
her own journey, she described her coping mechanism of listing her accomplishments and
positive contributions when facing challenges. Nydia encouraged the students to find their
sources of positivity and resilience as they navigate their entrepreneurial paths.
The Mount students left the session armed with valuable insights that will undoubtedly
contribute to their success as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, culminating in a
"Shark Tank" event at the end of their two-year program.

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