Alumna Gives Back with Contest for Closet Makeover

Alumna Gives Back with Contest for Closet Makeover

Hello friends!  

During these challenging times, one of the best things to do is give back, focus on the positive, and help others. I am trying to do just that! My name is Christina Giaquinto. We are looking for people who have gone through a difficult time, or perhaps they are people who are doing extraordinary things. The team at Modular Closets wants to give back to these people by donating a closet system and providing organizational consultations.  

We are filming a new "extreme-makeover style" series and we are looking for candidates so that our series may inspire others to reach out a helping hand - even if it's something as small as helping a friend organize their pantry. 

I used to own a professional organizing company (all those organized binders during high school inspired me!) and now as the brand ambassador for Modular Closets, I teach others how to organize their home and life. I’m so excited about this project because whoever gets chosen will receive a beautiful closet transformation in their home and I’m hoping it’s one small thing to lift their spirits and add joy to their lives. 

The Mount has always been a very special place to me and I am so thankful to have the chance to pass along this message to you.  

I hope this is a way to help someone feel empowered because, as simple as it sounds, I believe a beautiful new closet can completely transform someone’s life!  

If you have someone you would like to nominate please email me at or text or call anytime 973-800-7262.  

Who to nominate: 

• someone you consider a hometown hero  

• someone who has been going through a difficult time (job loss, illness, etc)

• someone who does so much for others  

• someone with a unique story  

Thank you so much!!


Christina Giaquinto, Class of 2009

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