Community Service, Campus Ministry, Spirituality

Changing the World

Study. Mission. Community. Prayer.

The Four Dominican Pillars at the heart of a Mount education; the foundation that empowers our students to leave their mark on the world. Groups and activities in service work, campus ministry and spirituality — critical components of a Dominican education — inspire our students to grow into the changemakers of the future: informed, connected and reflective women committed to social justice.

Praying before class helps us take time to reflect on what’s going on in the world outside the Mount.



Siena Community Service

Giving back to community is a central tenet of the Catholic faith. Our four-year Siena Community Service Program allows students to use their skills and stations in life to positively impact the world through service work.

The program is not merely a requirement for graduation; it is an experience that helps transform Mount students into engaged and compassionate global citizens and motivates them to be the change they know will make the world a better place.


Campus Ministry

Spiritual ministry is an important part of day-to-day life at the Mount. We count on members of campus ministry groups to help facilitate our communal experiences in prayer. Ministry team members contribute to masses and other spiritually-oriented activities.



At the Mount, nourishment of the spirit is as important as nourishment of the intellect. Liturgical celebration of the feasts, holy days and other special religious occasions are a regular part of the school year. Additionally, a daily morning prayer and opportunities for meditation allow students to grow closer to God and deepen their faith, thereby growing closer to their own selves.