Campus Safety

Parking and Guidelines

The safety of our students is a top priority. All parents/family members driving students to school are expected to adhere to the following:

• There are TWO main entrances to Mount St. Dominic Academy: Bloomfield Avenue and Ryerson Avenue.

- Enter at the Bloomfield Avenue Entrance, then turn right at the 4-way stop sign. Proceed on the lower loop road to the parking  areas and student drop off/pick up area.

- Enter from Ryerson Avenue, then turn left at the intersection. Follow the loop road to parking areas and student drop off/pick up area.

  • Parking in Handicap or Fire/Emergency Vehicle Spaces and Double Parking is prohibited.

If a space is not available, drivers may not pull over in illegal spaces to wait for students. Park in the designated areas (see map) and wait there for your student to be ready to be picked up. Caldwell University and the Sisters of St. Dominic will be strictly enforcing this guideline and  disciplinary action will follow. See Caldwell University Campus Safety. 

  • Parking for students, parents, and visitors are in the areas indicated on the map.
  • Parents may use the gravel spaces on the sides of the loop road to pull off and wait for students.

Drop Off/Pick Up Guidelines

  • Drive slowly and pay attention to students walking, driving, and parking.
  • Be mindful that our students are new and inexperienced drivers.
  • The Campus Loop Road is the primary road for picking up and dropping off students.
  • Pull up and wait in the line that leads to the gazebo. Be patient and exercise caution when pulling out after you have dropped off/picked up your student.
  • If you are waiting for a student, pull over and park on the side gravel spaces on the Loop Road and/or parking spots that are not near student spaces. Refrain from using the student parking lot to park, wait for students, or turn around. 
  • The faculty and staff parking area between the Athletic Center and Aquinas Hall/MSDA Main Entrance across from Athletic Center should not be used to drop off/pick up students or to turn around between 7:30am and 3:15pm.
  • Prior to 7:30am, parents may drop off students directly in front of the Athletic Center.
  • After 7:30am, parents must use the campus loop road to drop students off in front of the gazebo. 
  • Students with a medical excuse provided by the school nurse may be dropped off in front of the Athletic Center or Admissions.
  • Beginning at 3:15pm, parents may pick up students directly in front of the Athletic Center.

View/Download Parking Map: