Athletic Director Welcome


Mr. Lorenzo Sozio
Director of Athletics
973-226-0660, Ext.  1119

Letter from the Director of Athletics

At the Mount, we challenge our student-athletes to strive for their full potential in sports—not just so that they will excel in competition, but so that they will grow as the leaders of tomorrow.

It is well documented that the positive effects of sports on young women include stronger social connections, improved academic performance and enhanced self-confidence. Skills that are developed and honed in the athletic environment - time management, accountability, grace under pressure, to name a few - contribute to our students’ comprehensive education and total growth.

Competitive sports at the Mount prove transformative for our students - building character, instilling leadership skills and teaching perseverance. Sports promote individual wellness and achievement while helping our students develop their unique skills and independence.

At the same time, our sports enrich our community - allowing both athletes and spectators to show their support for each other and our school.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Mount athletic community, whether as an athlete, fan or spectator.



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