Athletic Senior Spotlights

Celebrating our Senior Athletes!

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Spring Sports

Alli Winters '20

Alli is a 4 year starting pitcher and infielder. She will continue softball at The University of North Florida. Ospreys

FAVORITE MEMORY - "Diving off the pitcher's mound and making the final play in the Essex County Tournament against West Essex to advance us to the County Final. The best feeling was..." See more.

Kasey Sekula '20

Kasey is a 4 year starter at third base. She will continue softball at Fairfield University. Stags.

FAVORITE MEMORY - "Last year during County Finals against Cedar Grove, I hit a double in the first inning that brought in what would be the game winning RBI. It was one of the most exciting..." See more

Emma Robson '20

Emma is a 4 year member of the Track & Field team at the Mount. She is 4th in school history in javelin with a personal best throw of 88-8.

FAVORITE MEMORY - "My team always has my back. From Saturday track meets that last 6 hours to practices in the pouring rain, my team knows how to make each other laugh..." See more.

Domenique Bevacqua '20

“Que” is a 4 year midfield starter. She will continue soccer at NYU. Violets

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite Lacrosse memory was my 100th goal. My team and coaches brought balloons and signs to celebrate, mirroring the supportive community here...” See more.

Riley Durburow '20

Riley is a 4 year starter at midfield. She will continue soccer at Franklin & Marshall College. Diplomats

FAVORITE MEMORY - "My favorite Mount Lacrosse memory is winning every draw during the Cedar Grove game to help our team maintain possession and eventually come back to win.” See more.

Julia Acevedo '20

Julia is a 4 year Varsity Track & Field participant. She is 2nd in Long Jump school history with a 16-9 PB. She will continue at the collegiate level.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite part is the family that our team created. This family makes every practice and meet fun because I know there will be laughs and support...“ See more.

Nicole Kahn '20

Nicole, a javelin thrower, is 9th in school history with PB of 86-8. She will attend University of Alabama.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite is the dynamic we have. Our team is a family and the support I receive is unmatched. From sprinting to javelin was difficult--without my team...” See more.

Jackie MacStudy '20

Jackie is a Varsity high jumper. She is 6th in school history with a 4-8 PB. She will be attending North Carolina State.



FAVORITE MEMORY - "My favorite  was when I would run a 400m and at each 100m mark, members of the team were always there cheering me on...” See more.

Kristen "Smitty" Smith '20

"Smitty" is a 2 year starter at first base. She will continue softball at Manhattan College. Jaspers


FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite was last year's state sectional final against IHA. Our team had so much energy & was so pumped!  I will never forget the feeling of winning surrounded by...” See more.

Megan “Meg” Robinson  '20

Meg is a 4 year Lacrosse starter Attack and Midfield. She will attend Lehigh University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory is all the team bonding. Whether we were singing on the bus, team breakfasts, or team dinners, the lacrosse team is always laughing...” See more.

Aly Greenberg  '20

Aly is a distance track and XC runner. She will attend Villanova University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “At sectionals, we were waiting to run a relay but it started pouring. We sat in the car, soaking wet. It sounds miserable, but we were able to joke and have a positive mindset...” See more.

Taylor Phipps  '20

Taylor "Trailer" is a 2 year starter for Mount at Attack.  She will pursue a degree in Economics next Fall.

FAVORITE MEMORY - Coach Weber giving me a nickname and hearing him yell it up the sideline every time I score.” See more.

Alyssa Mastando  '20

Alyssa is a sprinter and has been an integral part of the 4x100m relay since freshman year. She will be attending Fairfield University.


FAVORITE MEMORY - “Having the opportunity to go to Penn Relays as a freshman. This opportunity was so surreal -I will never forget that day."See more.

Courtney Hospes  '20

“Court” is a 4 year starter for Mount Lacrosse on Defense. She will attend Tulane University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “Freshman year when we would make funny videos with the entire team on the bus ride home after a great win!" See more.

Anya Michalewski  '20

Anya is a four year varsity sprinter and has established herself as one of the best all-around sprinters in school history. She will be attending UPenn.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “At the beginning of every practice during our dynamic warm up. It's a time when all of us to bond. ..." See more.

Olivia Fisher '20

Olivia is a thrower. She is 6th in school history in Discus with a PB of 82-5. She will be attending George Washington University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “At the Paul H. Beck meet in April 2019,I had just started track that year. I had only been throwing for about 6 weeks...” More.

Emily Stivers '20

Emily is a 2 year starter at Attack. She will attend the University of Georgia.

FAVORITE MEMORY - Blasting music on the bus and singing with my teammates. Whether to get pumped before a game or celebrating a win, it was always the best. More.

Sydney Anish '20

Sydney is a varsity distance runner with a 5:56 PR in the1600m. She will be attending Fordham University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - "Van rides back from meets. We reminisce races & PRs, sharing snacks on our way back to the Mount. The quality bonding time makes the 10 hour meets worth it..." More.

Grace Murphy '20

Grace is a defender for Mount Lacrosse. She will attend the University of Vermont.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “Sophomore year when we won the Cedar Grove game in overtime, and we all dog-piled in the middle of the field... I loved celebrating with all my teammates...” More.

Bella Lembo '20

Bella is a 3 year starter at Attack and Midfield. She will attend Fairfield University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “The night game against Cedar Grove, the team was pumped from the start of the bus ride there till the end of the game -- it was one of the best games we played..." More.

Madison Peluso '20

Madison is a varsity sprinter and competes in the 100m & 200m. She will attend Sacred Heart University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite Mount memory is going to practices and meets, with some of the best people. We always find a way to have fun while working hard..." More.

Emma Clifford '20

Em is a lacrosse midfielder & defender. She will attend Northeastern University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory was last year when I scored my first career goal. It was a home game and I was left open right in front of the goalie. It was a great feeling.” More.

Hailey Gannon '20

Gannon is a 4 year lacrosse starter at Midfield. She will attend the University of Tampa.

FAVORITE MEMORY  - “My favorite lacrosse memory was the Cedar Grove game during my sophomore year. It was such an exciting win." More.

Emma Hladik '20

Emma has been a member on the Varsity Golf team for 2 years. She will attend Gettysburg College.

FAVORITE MEMORY  - “My favorite memory is just being together! We always have fun in whatever we do ..." More.

Caila Przyhocki '20

Caila is a 3 year varsity thrower. She has been a standout in Javelin since joining the team. She will be attending The College of New Jersey.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite Mount memory is the support and encouragement that the whole team has for each other. My teammates were always there to motivate me...” More.

Isabella “Izzy” Pizarro '20

Izzy has been on the Varsity Golf Team for the past 2 seasons. She will attend the University of Georgia.

FAVORITE MEMORY  - “My favorite golf memory is how close the team is. Whenever we are together we always have the best time..." More.

Gianna DeLotto '20

Gianna has been on the Volleyball team for the past two seasons. She will attend Felician University.

FAVORITE MEMORY  - “Winning last year's Prep State Championships! It was a really intense game and we worked together... I have never felt happier to be part of a close-knit team..." More.


Fall Sports

Megan Robinson '20

A 4 year varsity soccer player, Meg is one of the leading goal scorers and will be attending Lehigh University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory was scoring a header goal against Bloomfield on Senior Night. The goal came from a beautiful cross and I’ll never forget the amazing feeling..." More.

Dominque Bevacqua '20

Bevacqua is a 4 year soccer varsity player. She was the leading goal and point scorer this year and will be playing soccer for NYU.

FAVORITE MEMORY - "My favorite memory is Soccer Saturday. We would always have a crowd, and playing against Caldwell High School was consistently a competitive, fun game..." More.

Julie Schramm '20

Julie played Varsity Tennis for 2 years. She was the #1 singles player her senior year and will be attending Lafayette College.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory was playing in the county tournament. The whole team formed a human pyramid... the moment really showcased how close-knit we are..." More.

Caila Przyhocki '20

Caila is a 3 year varsity soccer player, who played multiple positions. She will attend TCNJ.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory is how our team always comes together. Everyone is from a different soccer background, but we learn to work together..." More.

Aly Greenberg '20

Aly is a 4 year Cross Country Team member and was 1st team all-conference  this past fall. She will attend Villanova University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory was this past season. Our team was undefeated and  won the division, the only time CC accomplished during my four years ..." More.

Madison Peluso '20

Madison is a 2 year Varsity Soccer player. She will attend Sacred Heart University.

FAVORITE MEMORY - “My favorite memory is when I scored the winning goal against Glen Ridge. It was at night, under the lights, and ...the feeling of scoring that goal was so exciting..." More.