The Arts

Perform with passion. Express with confidence. Create with vision.

From the Stage to the Canvas

Through art, we express ourselves. We tell our stories. We share our imaginations. From a theatrical monologue to a choreographed dance sequence, an a cappella rendition to a watercolor landscape - the arts add texture to our lives and help us convey our experiences. A number of opportunities to engage with the arts is available to our students - whether it be on the stage, in a hip-hop routine, through a paintbrush on canvas or another medium.

Engaging students in the art of live performance develops creativity, empathy, concentration, problem solving, communication, leadership and self-confidence.  Our program encompasses music, dance, visual arts, drama and technology to foster a community of students who come together to share their individual talents with the entire Mount community.  Michelle Posner, Director of Performing Arts


Performing Arts

Participation in the arts fosters confidence and creativity in students, propelling them to develop their unique voices and visions.

See more about our creative expression available to students and view a list of our past productions.

Visual Arts

The arts help students hone skills in leadership, collaboration and communication, instilling in them the courage to share those voices and visions with the world.


All-girls schools are...


Next to traditional coeducational environments, an all-girls environment provides opportunity to showcase their emerging talents.