Milestone Reunion

MSDA Honors our 50th, 51st, 25th and 26th Reunion Classes

As we as a community slowly return to in person events, it is going to take some time for our alumnae and visitors to be comfortable returning to the same type of festive gatherings we had here at the Mount in the past. As a result of very limited response to the Milestone tour and reception we had scheduled for this Saturday, October 23, we have decided to cancel the 2 pm tour and the 3 pm Milestone reception.


The MSDA Pink Ribbon Mass will carry on at 4 pm, with a special acknowledgement of our 50th and 51st, and 25th and 26th reunion classes. If you would like to still join us for the mass, email the Alumnae Office and let us know as seating will be spaced out by group to ensure everyone's safety. 

Saturday, October 23, 2021
MSDA, Rosary Hall
3 Ryerson Avenue

Call 973-226-0660, Ext. 1129 or email with any questions.