View From The Mount-Alumna Spotlight


Alumnae Profile – Jessica Iacullo, ‘13

Within the span of the decade about to come to a close, Jessica Iacullo (MSDA ’13) went from a freshman at the Mount, to undergrad student at the University of Pittsburgh, to influencer and entrepreneur, and most recently, to keynote speaker at the Mount’s official launch of the L.E.O. Program.  

A self-described combination of the Food Network’s Guy Fieri and Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City – Jessica is the CEO and Founder of Hungry Grl Big City, LLC, a boutique marketing agency headquartered in Pittsburgh. As a social media marketing strategist, Jessica and her team work with local and national brands to increase their social media presence, develop their brand identity, and drive engagement through the creation of compelling content and innovative partnerships. In so doing, Jessica utilizes her personal brand as an influencer, featuring 35,000 Instagram followers, to build greater awareness among diverse markets for her clients including Audi, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Kraft Heinz, Forbes, the New York Jets, Boars Head, Baked By Melissa, Business Insider, several Food Network chefs, Citi Bank, the U.S. Open, McDonald's, Love Your Melon, Her Campus, and the Little Words Project… just to name a few. 

Jessica is also the food editor for Local Pittsburgh Magazine, and has contributed as a freelance journalist to several media outlets including Forbes, Business Insider, and In addition to all things food-related (which includes night-life and travel), Jessica is also focused on the issues and insights that uniquely matter to women (many of which are featured on her blog) – health and wellness, campus safety, women in business, and empowerment. 

It’s all of these things together that made Jessica such a relatable and relevant guest speaker and role model for the Mount’s first ever L.E.O. cohort. She embodies what it means to find your niche and follow your path with confidence. Combining a passion for food with her penchant for words, Jessica built an influential social media presence which she now leverages for the benefit of her clients. She’s a young woman and a modern-day entrepreneur, who is harnessing the power of a platform that boasts more than 1 billion monthly users. And, one of the coolest things is, she’s a Mountie! Read more about Jessica and her thoughts on the Mount here