Marie M. Jackson ’01, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

- General dentist and owner of Stellar Smile Center, Montclair, NJ
- BS Engineering Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology 2004
University of Medicine and Dentistry-New Jersey, Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2008
- MSDA Class of 2001

During her years at the Mount, Dr. Marie M. Jackson was involved in Chorus, Show Choir, Ambassador’s Club, various plays, Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America, Forensics, French Club, Peer Leadership, Prom Committee, and the National Honor Society. She notes that some of her favorite memories include traveling to France with the school, her senior Disney trip and the Mount’s field day events. She recently shared some personal and professional insights and some thoughts on her time at the Mount:

The Mount: How did the Mount help guide your personal journey?

Dr. Jackson: The Mount was instrumental in teaching me an invaluable skill I use in my career and daily life — communication. An all-girls school fosters growth and support of a young woman’s ability to communicate in a way they cannot receive in any other environment. This is a critical tool that I utilize every day when I speak with my patients, when I lead my team at my office, and when I am called on to present in different academic environments.

The Mount: With the perspective you’ve gained being away from the Mount for several years, what are three words you would use to describe the Mount and your time in school and why?

Dr. Jackson: 1. Management. I learned how to stay on top of my work while working part time and participating in extracurricular activities. Life is a constant balancing act and I learned the fundamentals of how to grow with this at the Mount.  2. Professional. I learned to present myself in dress and how I spoke. Who would've thought learning to wear a blazer and penny loafers daily would be so useful in my future professional endeavors?  3. Gratitude. Every class was started with a prayer. There is something to be said about starting each day and start of a new event with prayer and the thought of gratitude. This is a way to put your best foot forward in all endeavors.

The Mount: What advice would you give to a current Mount student?

Dr. Jackson: If there is any area you have interest in for a long term career, take a course in it, ask questions, see if you can shadow someone and learn about it. Mount sidebar – Dr. Jackson walks the walk with this piece of advice as she is currently an MSDA Senior Capstone Mentor!

The Mount: Did your time at the Mount impact where you are today in your life/career, and if so, how?

Dr. Jackson: I made life-long friends who I am still incredibly close with to this day.

The Mount: What does the Mount’s mission – Empowering Young Women in the Catholic Dominican Tradition – mean to you?

Dr. Jackson: A foundation of focus and fundamentals that will be used throughout life.

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