Jessie Iacullo '13

- CEO & Content Creator at Hungry Grl Big City, LLC
- BA, dual major in Communications and English/Non-fiction writing, University of Pittsburgh 2017
- MSDA Class of 2013

Where am I?
Hi! I’m Jessie, but better known these days as Hungry Grl. After I graduated from college, I worked at Business Insider and Forbes doing everything from food writing to social media. I started my food Instagram-turned-business a little over four years ago and have grown it to over 35,000 followers today. My Instagram resulted in me now being able to pursue a career in social media full-time, where I work with brands through my Instagram page and also help other businesses run and create their social media accounts. I love to travel, and spent the summer of 2018 in Europe.

The Mount Factor
In ways, I feel like I have adopted the Mount’s mission of “Empowering Young Women” throughout my college and post-college experiences. I joined an organization called Her Campus, an advocacy group for college-aged girls across the country, which I eventually became the president of. In my professional life, I make sure to communicate all of the “girl power” vibes that I possibly can through my brand and social media, such as body positivity. I learned the importance of empowering and educating women on significant issues that they can face in their late teens and twenties, pertaining to everything from negotiating a higher salary to how to navigate certain situations. At the end of the day, I truly learned the importance of lifting other women up at all times.

My Advice
The opportunities in the world are endless! Pursue whatever it is you are passionate about and do not listen to anyone that doubts you. You have all of the time in the world to get to your next chapter; do not waste time wishing you could jump from the present to the future. Also, remember that you have a voice and never be afraid to speak up and use it.

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