Girl Talk: FAQs

Curious what it really feels like to be at the Mount?

We asked current students to share their thoughts on frequently asked questions.

​​​​​​Why should I choose the Mount?

“You can be yourself and grow as an individual without having to worry about criticisms from others…it’s a comfortable place where you will meet great people for the rest of your life.”

“They make you feel like there's nothing that you can't achieve.”

“Although there are times when we may think we may fail, there will always be someone to catch us.”

“At first, I thought it was small for a high school, but with the smaller classes, you get more individual attention. You get tutored by a teacher if you need extra help.”

“Every day brings the challenge to strive for the best and the opportunity to reach it.”

What’s it like going to an all-girls school?

“It’s easier to be yourself because there’s nobody judging you. You’re never embarrassed to raise your hand, answer a question or make a presentation because there is a boy in the room you have a crush on. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear or even about how your hair looks. After awhile you tend not to notice that the boys are missing.”

“Honestly, I was worried about it my first day. However, it’s a lot better than I thought….you can really be yourself, relax which helps you focus on important things like class.”

What’s it like going to a Catholic school?

“We know as a Catholic school, the Mount is stereotyped by some which is not true at all—we don’t pray all day long and a few of our teachers are nuns, not all, and it’s not by any means an old fashioned place.”

“Praying before class helps us take time to reflect on what’s going on in the world outside the Mount. Also our religion courses help us understand our traditions and the traditions of other faiths around the world.”

“There is a spiritual atmosphere which is supportive and nurturing.”

Is it hard to meet new friends? What are the girls like?

“As an eighth grader, I know I wouldn’t have believed it, but everyone makes new friends once they get to the Mount.”

“It isn’t hard to meet people at all….everyone who comes to the Mount doesn’t know a lot of other people, so they are very open and hospitable. If you act like yourself, making friends isn’t difficult at all.”

“My fears about losing my social life were overblown. I was able to make new friends and still remained close with my grammar school friends.”

“At first I worried that I wasn’t going to like anyone here, that everyone was different from me, that I wasn’t going to have any friends and I’m not going to see my old friends, but you meet people that your personality goes with and you make friends!”

What do you think about wearing uniforms everyday?

“Our uniforms just make life easier. You don’t have to get up and worry about what you’re going to wear. Who really wants to do that early in the morning?”

“I’m the kind of person who basically takes out the whole entire closet before I go out on the weekends, so I benefit a lot from uniforms. I like wearing uniforms because it makes everyone feel equal. It’s not a fashion show everyday… and it
gives me those extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning!"

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