L.E.O. Program

Blending traditional liberal arts and real-world education

The Mount is thrilled to be the second school in the state, and the first all girls school, to be chosen for the L.E.O. Program. Working to blend traditional liberal arts with innovative, real-world educational opportunities, the Mount not only focuses on college prep but career readiness as well. 

The L.E.O. Program is a two-year intensive, taught by faculty, business experts and professional entrepreneurs, encompassing the full life cycle of creating a business or product from ideation to launch, with the focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and opportunities.

The L.E.O. Program is a two year commitment during the junior and senior years. This program is designed to create business-minded leaders and entrepreneurs. It is an intensive program that is designed to get students excited about becoming entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service.

Real-world entrepreneurs and business experts will serve as coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development. In addition, lectures will be given by leaders of business and/or government covering a variety of business topics.

Over the course of the year, student teams will learn about marketing, accounting, as well as the legal aspects of starting a business. They will have access to a network of professionals to further develop their skills (teamwork, problem solving, presentation, communication) for college and career readiness. Pitch week helps to further fire the entrepreneurial spirit by putting student teams in front of actual investors so they can pitch their innovative idea to win funding and turn it into an actual business. See more about the LionWorks competition event.

Students must earn acceptance into the program program by the L.E.O. Foundation and approval by the MSDA Principal.