Signature Programs

Mount St. Dominic Academy offers students the opportunity to concentrate learning and experiential opportunities in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Health Sciences, and Social Justice. Over the course of  junior and senior years, students select courses aligned with their interests and participate in relevant experiential and/or service opportunities. The Senior Capstone and Oration/Preacher are additional opportunities allowing students to deepen research and analytical skills and build confidence in reflective critical thinking and public speaking. 


Senior Capstone

The Directed Research Senior Capstone Course is designed as a culminating experience in which students delve into an area of passion, performing research and any hands-on work associated with their project. Research topics can build off academic courses already completed or may reflect a specific interest of  the student. This Capstone experience requires students to make connections across disciplines, bridges theory with practice, and promotes the development of higher-order thinking. Students will work with a faculty mentor to help guide them. Participants defend their research to a panel of faculty members and administrators and display projects in the annual Academic Symposium.

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Capstone Basics

Entrepreneurship Program

This intensive program is designed to create business-minded leaders and entrepreneurs by giving students the opportunity to create and fully develop their own product or service. In collaboration with the Leonidas Foundation, the MSDA Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Opportunity (L.E.O.) Program connects students to  real-world business experts who serve as coaches and mentors who guide student teams through the process  of ideation, market research, and business plan development. The annual MSDA Lionworks Competition further puts student teams in front of actual investors so they can pitch their innovative idea to win funding and turn it into an actual business. 

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Academic Concentrations Programs

The Concentrations Programs incorporate a two-year sequence of courses that allows students interested in careers in health sciences and social justice to pursue in-depth explorations of those areas, similar to a major in college.


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This program offers students the opportunity to deepen their oratory and reflection skills. Students accepted into the Preacher Program will plan and participate in prayer services, liturgies, and public speaking/broadcasting venues. Students will learn techniques on preparedness, presentation, and
homiletics, and be able to utilize these skills in all aspects of community life.



One Schoolhouse is a consortium committed to providing an independent school educational experience in an online environment. As an affiliate, MSDA offers additional courses through the program.

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Podcast: From the Hilltop

Created and produced by the Journalism & Digital Media class.

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Team 5992 is comprised of MSDA and Seton Hall Prep students with the main goal of following the mission of FIRST by engaging members in various STEM activities. Students are encouraged to innovate collectively, and are introduced to a career in STEM. Mount students learn about business, creativity, design, computer science, mechanics, and more.

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