Senior Spotlights

The Mount is proud to acknowledge all our incredible seniors in the Class of 2020!
"Senior Spotlights" showcase and celebrate our students.

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Emma Trautfetter  🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is finding my best friend. We became friends as juniors with the exact same schedule, then became closer when we both did the Chinese Exchange Program. From laughing together at lunch to always being partners in AP Lit, now we do everything together and are each other's better half."


Breanna Munoz 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory was meeting all of my best friends."


Sophia Amelung  🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is sophomore year field day because we were the "summer sophomores" and had so much spirit, unity, and energy that day."


Kate Cipoletti  🎓

"During my high school years, I am most proud of finding confidence within myself, and being proud of the person I am becoming. My favorite Mount memory is being part of a phenomenal medley relay with the swim team last year -- after transferring schools, the seniors made me feel welcomed in a heartbeat."


Jacqueline MacStudy 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is meeting my best friend. Many times people think that you meet your best friends your Freshman year, but I met mine my Junior year. I had every class with her, and without the other one knowing, we both signed up to be a host family for our Chinese exchange students. We spent every second of every day together with our exchange students, and since then, we have become inseparable. So thank you, Mount, for my best friend!"


Emma Clifford  🎓

"What I am most proud of accomplishing during my high school years was our mission trip to the southern border where we were able to assist immigrants coming to the U.S. It is something that I am really passionate about, and I am so grateful that MSDA could help me accomplish it."


Kristyn Smith  🎓

"What I am most proud of during my high school years are the friendships I made because I know that I can always rely on these people and these friendships will last a lifetime."


Madison McNany 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is Mount Christmas. Everyone is so lively and everyone is so happy, you can’t help but feel cheerful yourself. My favorite memory is from this year’s Mount Christmas where my best friends and I played ping pong in the art room and then watched in the PAC as a live elf hunt was happening. I’m going to miss this and CAP memories with my friends so much."


Sophia Amelung  🎓

"Those who know me, know that... “I am not functioning right if I don't have a coffee in the right hand and maybe a break sandwich in the other."


Isabella Berlangieri 🎓

"Those who know me, know that... the Mount holds a special place in my heart. The community at the Mount has helped me grow as a person and form bonds with my classmates that will last forever."


Aaleyah Lawson 🎓

"Some of my favorite Mount memories are the car rides that I took with all my friends. Whether it's to get food (which it was, most of the time) or to just come along for the ride, I would hardly pass up the chance to drive around with my friends. We would have loud conversations, blast good music, yell at cars, (most likely) eat or drink whatever we bought with what little money we had, and just have a good time. I'm going to miss spontaneous car adventures with my friends, and I hope they continue while we're in college and for the rest of our lives."


Isabella Mangili  🎓

"What I am most looking forward to next year is beginning to work towards some of my goals I never thought would be possible."


Madison Peluso 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is being around my friends and the people that make me the happiest. I have formed so many bonds that will last forever and I am always grateful. The Mount community is so special and I have made some of my best memories while being here that I will cherish forever ."


Edith Zurita 🎓

"I am most proud of having had the opportunity to volunteer at the Humanitarian Respite Center in Texas, along with other classmates and staff, where we were able to happily serve the needs of refugees. This, along with my other Mount memories, will always hold a special place in my heart!"


Gianna DeLotto 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is going to visit Mrs. Serpico with all my friends!! We all love hanging out and spending time with her! My friends and I always looked forward to having our daily meet-ups with her! Mrs. Serpico has helped me so much throughout my time at the Mount and I will always remember how much of an impact she has had on me, not only as a student, but also as a person!"


Emily Stivers 🎓

"One of my favorite Mount memories is attending semi this year as a senior. It was so much fun just going with my friends and dancing all night long. After four years with my fellow classmates, it was a great way to kickoff senior year. I am so lucky to have attended high school with such amazing girls."


Kasey Sekula 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is being a part of an amazing community for the past 4 years, both in the classroom and on the softball field. I will never forget any moments that I have spent here at the Mount."


Delaney Smith 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is all the wonderful teachers that I have had, and the amazing friends I have made over the last four years."


Cecilia McKiernan 🎓

"My most proud accomplishment during high school is the service trip I attended to help refugees at the Mexican border."


Isabella Pizarro 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is the day before Christmas break. I love spending time with all my friends, eating food, and listening to Christmas songs."


Taylor Schmey 🎓

"My proudest accomplishment during my high school years at the Mount was creating the friendships I know will last a lifetime. The Mount is such a special place and I will truly miss, but never forget, the family that has made me feel so welcomed and loved here."


Alyssa Mastando 🎓

"What I am most looking forward to next year is being able to make new friends and new memories in college! Of course I will miss my friends and the Mount, but I am extremely excited to start the next chapter of my life and create something bigger for myself as I start to prepare for a career."


Nicole Ciarco 🎓

"My favorite mount memory was meeting all my life long sisters who will forever hold a special place in my heart."


Seton Shearn 🎓

"Those who know me know was a struggle for me to be in full uniform these past 4 years. The kilts will always have a place in my heart though♥."


Morgan Clifford 🎓

"What I am most looking forward to next year is making new friends and getting to experience things that I haven’t before!"


Isabelle Duran 🎓

"Some of my favorite mount memories come from walking up and down the hill with my friends every morning and afternoon. I am going to miss it so much next year, but I am very excited to watch my classmates succeed as The Mount has prepared us to do."


Sabrina Palumbo 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is dressing up as Mr. Sozio and Mr. Natale with my best friend, Megan, in the Christmas Skit."


Emma Hladik 🎓

“I am most proud of how confident I have become over the past four years. I used to be so shy and afraid to try new things, but the Mount community has helped me change to be a better and stronger person. I am also so happy for all of the great friends that I have made and memories that I will cherish forever!"


Taylor Phipps 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory was decorating our cars outside and taking pictures with my friends on the first day of senior year!.


Courtney Hospes 🎓

"My favorite Mount memory is when I scored the game winning PK against Newark Academy when we were in double overtime. That win brought us to the semi-finals in the county. It was a great feeling for the team to finally get that win and brought us much closer together as a family"


Megan Robinson 🎓

“My favorite Mount memory is experiencing the first day of a new sports season because on that day, you gain about twenty new sisters and anticipate funny memories and accomplishments you will make together throughout the season.”


Palma Petrozza 🎓

Those who know me, know that... "The Mount has helped me evolve in many different ways, personally and academically. The Mount Community has supported me and plays a huge role in the person I have become."


Madeline Bochis 🎓

"One of my favorite Mount memories is meeting up with all my friends in the Art Room during CAP.  We'd sit at the back tables and talk with Mrs. Cochran while eating her secret stash of snacks. Some days we would look at each other’s art but other days we'd just sit around laughing. There is never a dull moment with Mrs. Cochran. She never fails to make us smile or to listen in on our problems and give us advice. I'm truly going to miss her bright spirit and the memories I made with all of my friends."


Tess Lucanie 🎓

"I am most proud of the friendships I have made throughout my high school years. I am so lucky to have met all of the people I have in the Mount community, and I am excited to watch my classmates succeed in the future."


Julie Schramm 🎓

"A high school accomplishment that I am proud of is transferring to the Mount. I transferred to Mount mid-year during my sophomore year. While it wasn’t easy to pick up and start over again at a new school, I am glad I made the decision. I have met many amazing people here: friends who make me laugh, teachers who are passionate about what they do, and coaches who motivate us to rise to the occasion. I’m going to miss playing with my friends on the tennis team (go mount tennis!!!), making prints in photography (everyone needs to take Mrs. Stewart’s class!), and sitting with my class (THE Class of 2020) in the PAC. I know we are going to do great things and can’t wait to see where the future takes us! I’m grateful for a memorable 2.5 years at the Mount!"

Dominique Bevacqua 🎓

During my high school years, I am most proud of the bonds I have created. The Mount encompasses such a tight knit community, and I am so grateful to have met my lifelong friends.