School and College Counseling

"As an integral part of the Mount community whose motto is 'empowering young women,' we help our girls set individual goals to achieve their highest personal and academic potential."

John Galka, M. Ed., School and College Counseling Director



Our integrated and inclusive counseling program empowers students to achieve their highest academic and personal potential. As our students find truth through knowledge in their time at the Mount, so too do they find themselves.

In our community of learners, we practice healthy decision making skills, self care and communication and conflict resolution to promote comprehensive wellbeing. Our counselors are a key link in the process, collaborating with faculty and staff throughout the school and community to assist each student’s personal, social and academic needs.



Average GPA

Four-Year College Acceptance

of graduates are attending Most or Highly Competitive colleges as rated by Barron's


School and College Counseling Program

Mr. John Galka, MA
Director of School and College Counseling
976-226-0660 Ext.1121

Mrs. Pauline Condon, MA
School Transition Counselor for Underclasswomen
973-226-0660 Ext.1128