We place great emphasis on empowering student voices, encouraging social responsibility, and fostering a respect for diversity. By connecting social justice principles with our academic endeavors, our students recognize the interconnectedness of our world and the importance of critical conversation and a well-rounded course of study.

Kristen Zosche, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


The Pursuit of Excellence

Study is a key component of the Dominican charism. It is one of the four pillars at the heart of our mission. Our rigorous academic program combined with our community culture support students in their self-discovery and encourages them to take intellectual risks. Our college preparatory curriculum centers on the liberal arts, mathematics, and science, but does not stop there. We offer an extensive and exciting selection of electives, honors, and AP courses across the disciplines.

A yearly course selection process allows us to continuously evaluate our academic offerings and add creative and unconventional classes to the curriculum.

The result? Our students receive solid grounding in the fundamentals and are empowered to apply their academic experiences in authentic, “real world” contexts. They find the courage and inspiration to explore their unique talents and pursue their individual passions. They graduate with the conviction that learning is a lifelong endeavor. They are ready for college and beyond.

A robust course offering in each department enables students to explore their talents in specific subjects and inspires them to understand the power of interdisciplinary learning.

Religious Studies

The Dominican Order was founded with the charge to "preach the Word of God through our lives of contemplative prayer, study and ministry in response to the needs of our time." In Religion classes at the Mount, students explore what it means to transform that charge into a life of faith in the 21st century. Our courses in social justice and spirituality galvanize students to be advocates for peace, justice and equality in the world and embody the veritas and caritas – the truth and love – that lie at the heart of the Mount.

Students learn about key moments in the development of the Catholic Church and other major religions in the context of world history. They study the Bible as critical readers and examine the work and impact of faith leaders over time. Through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, students grow in personal spirituality while learning about social justice around the globe. Research and analysis of historic and contemporary issues empowers students to question what they see in the world and identify ways that they can effect positive change.


Devoted readers. Critical thinkers. Effective communicators. In English courses at the Mount, students develop their skills in analysis, writing, and public speaking. Through reading and writing - persuasive, analytical, creative - they learn to explore their own beliefs and articulate their ideas with confidence and competence.

Through comparative studies of literature, students come to understand the development of the literary canon across time, genre, culture and geography. Opportunities to explore the intersections of literature with history, philosophy, art and other subjects highlight the interconnected nature of our world and help students frame their roles within it.


Fun, engaging and useful. Young learners may not typically associate these words with math, yet it is our duty - indeed, our great privilege - to transform such thinking through inspired instruction. Our math curriculum is designed to help our students recognize the power and potential of math in their lives.

In algebra, geometry and calculus, students develop skills in critical thinking and logic. They learn how to focus in on a problem, identify proper tools to approach and navigate their way to a solution. They study the foundational theories of math and apply those theories in real world contexts.

Collaborative learning allows students to engage in discussion and active learning, honing their communications skills. Independent learning fosters individual development and proficiency, propelling students towards the futures they envision for themselves, whether those include advanced-level degrees in math, careers in finance, data analysis or statistics, or simply the countless life experiences in which they will use math.


How did we get to where we are today, and where do we go from here? Studying the events of the past equips our students with an understanding of the political, geographic, social, and economic developments that have shaped our world. From the ancient to the modern, the international to the local, the universal to the personal - history enables our students to connect the dots.

In our history courses, students build skills in critical analysis and writing. They become sophisticated consumers of information, able to evaluate primary and secondary sources and draw an informed perspective on historic and contemporary events. They learn to identify bias in the historical record, sharpening their skills in inquiry-based learning and embodying the search for truth - the veritas - that lies at the root of the Mount.  

Through history, our students learn to examine their own lives through the lens of world civilization. They grow into the knowledgeable and engaged leaders of the next generation - eager to carry forth their commitment to truth and prepared to be the positive change they wish to see in our world.


A solution when one seems impossible: this is science at the Mount.

An adventure in research and discovery: this is science at the Mount. The foundation for a career in engineering, medicine and technology: this is science at the Mount.

We encourage our students to embrace our science curriculum as an opportunity for both personal growth and institutional change; we are driven by the belief that gender equality in STEM will make the world a better place. Motivated and empowered, our students dive into biology, chemistry and computer science. As they develop skills in inquiry, research and problem solving, their curiosities become passions, and their passions drive them to become the change needed in our world.

The Mount is an affiliate of One Schoolhouse, a national online educational consortium. A variety of courses are available as supplements to the Mount curriculum; enrollment requires an additional fee. One Schoolhouse is fully accredited with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is a member of both the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS.)

World Languages

Learning a second language unlocks doors. Immersive travel, professional opportunities and cross-cultural exchange are just some of the potential benefits that come with language studies. The Mount’s language curriculum prepares students to explore the world, inspires them to appreciate cultural and linguistic diversity, and empowers them to advocate for global understanding through communication.

In French and Spanish courses, our students develop the skills needed to succeed in both academic and authentic contexts. Study and practice in listening, reading, speaking and writing results in a comprehensive grasp on each modality. Advanced-level courses, available as electives, serve as the foundation for continued studies in college and beyond.

Visual and Performing Arts

The arts allow us to experience places and times apart from our own; they connect us to what came before and help us find commonality in our shared humanity. The arts offer a window into human emotions and are a vehicle for personal expression as well as social change.

By studying the theory and history of various visual and performing arts, students trace the development of different fields over time. They learn to engage with works of art and critically analyze their connection to other subjects, including world history, literature, math and science. Through studio courses, students practice creativity, experimentation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and observational skills. They learn to communicate through various media and develop their unique artistic voices

Physical Education, Health and Safety

Our physical education, health and driver education courses are designed to help students develop positive self-esteem and body image, maintain healthy connections with family and peers and practice responsible decision- making. In physical education courses, team and individual sports foster collaboration, critical thinking and leadership skills. In the safe and supportive environment of our health courses, students explore and become comfortable discussing sexual development, reproductive decision-making, mental health and relationship-building. Our driver education course centers on the principles and practices fundamental to driver, passenger and pedestrian safety and prepares students to take the New Jersey state written exam