The Pursuit of Excellence

Study is a key component of the Dominican charism. It is one of the four pillars at the heart of our mission. Our rigorous academic program combined with our community culture support students in their self-discovery and encourages them to take intellectual risks. Our college preparatory curriculum centers on the liberal arts, mathematics, and science, but does not stop there. We offer an extensive and exciting selection of electives, honors, and AP courses across the disciplines.

A yearly course selection process allows us to continuously evaluate our academic offerings and add creative and unconventional classes to the curriculum.

The result? Our students receive solid grounding in the fundamentals and are empowered to apply their academic experiences in authentic, “real world” contexts. They find the courage and inspiration to explore their unique talents and pursue their individual passions. They graduate with the conviction that learning is a lifelong endeavor. They are ready for college and beyond.

A robust course offering in each department enables students to explore their talents in specific subjects and inspires them to understand the power of interdisciplinary learning.