At the Mount, we work to embrace the collective power of our young women, to support them in a process of authentic self-discovery, and to help them capitalize on their strengths to become change agents in a world that really needs them.
Laura Hollenbaugh, Principal



Discovery through inquiry. Impact through engagement. Understanding through communication.

Partners in Learning

We are a family of learners. We foster a community that motivates and supports one another throughout the high school experience. We prepare each other to see the challenges of college and beyond as tremendous opportunities.

Our students benefit from the instruction and resources needed to develop essential skills in critical analysis, independent inquiry and effective communication. A Mount education ignites a passion for social justice and civic engagement. The curriculum  establishes the foundation for a lifetime of seeking truth through knowledge, dialogue and participation.

Students and teachers at the Mount are partners in learning. Small classes enable our teachers to provide flexible and individualized instruction while offering our students a safe and comfortable environment for academic and personal discovery. As educators, we cultivate a robust foundation through a purposeful blend of academic rigor, intellectual exploration and comprehensive wellbeing.


A Day in the Life

Our schedule is structured as a 7-day cycle which makes each week unique.  Class lengths are 60, 80, or 90 minutes with the addition of the Common Academic Period, also known as CAP, built into the schedule daily.

This longer block of time allows time for student-centered learning, labs, assessments, one-on-one meetings, or a special activity such as rehearsing scenes for a Shakespeare performance in English class.

Sample Daily Schedule

8:00-9:20 AP United States History
9:20-9:35 Break
9:35-10:55 Precalculus Honors
10:55-11:25 Seminar
11:25-11:55 Lunch
11:55-12:55 Introduction to Robotics
12:55-1:25 Common Academic Period (CAP)
1:25-2:45 Journalism and Digital Media


Academic and Personal Discovery

The Mount has developed special programs, available to students with specific interests in STEM, studies in college thesis, leadership, entrepreneurship, and social justice. View program details:

Girls explore...

with the encouragement of faculty and peers.

Young women have the freedom to nurture their passions and chase their potential. With the encouragement of supportive faculty and peers, girls take chances and reach further in an all-girls environment.