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All-girls schools are places where girls take center stage and are prepared for lives of commitment, confidence, contribution, and fulfillment.

All-girls schools are more relevant today than ever before and are impacting society’s lack of women in leadership and STEM-related fields. All-girls schools prepare girls to become women who rise to the highest levels of leadership.

In the Mount’s all-girls environment, our girls are our stars and are prepared to embark on a lifelong learning journey. Contact our Admissions team to schedule a private tour or virtual meeting at your convenience.

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Girls' schools are revolutionary!

In all-girls schools, girls lead, explore, bond, thrive, and are confident.

Next to traditional coeducational environments, an all-girls environment provides opportunities to showcase their emerging talents.

In every class, in every club, on every team, the leader is a girl. When space is given, girls step up and lead. Girls who may never have thought they had it in them to be leaders find their voices.

Young women have the freedom to nurture their passions and chase their potential. With the encouragement of supportive faculty and peers, girls take chances and reach further in an all-girls environment.

Positive experiences together nurture relationships and form bonds. Sisterhood is fostered through shared experience. When given the opportunity, young women learn to trust, respect, and love one another – countering the ‘Mean Girl’ paradigm.

Women graduates of all-girls schools are educated to become future leaders of our country and our world. Changemakers. Peace purveyors. Mavens of social justice.

An all-girls education creates a foundation of achievement and love of discovery. Building upon their successes, young women grow in confidence. University professors can identify the all-girls' school graduate in a class by their secure sense of self.

Girls' schools provide real world advantages.

Why Girls' Schools?


The Power of All Girls Schools

* For practical research and more information, please refer to National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) at