What Sets Us Apart

The All-Girl Advantage

An all-girls education at the Mount fosters collaborative growth. Students strive for success and accomplishment, not just for themselves, but for each other. This results in lasting relationships with both peers and mentors in a supportive environment where students are unafraid to take risks and let their voices be heard.

Our students remain focused on self-development which increases both confidence and engagement, academically and socially. A single-sex environment is the key to the exceptional culture students find at the Mount. In our school, our girls are our stars.

The Dominican Charism

Our faith-based education—centered on the Four Pillars of Dominican life—fosters self-respect, loyalty and accomplishment. Our students are committed to seeking the truth in all aspects of their lives, an endeavor rooted in humility, empathy, and great care for humanity.

We hold our students to the highest academic standards and understand each young woman as a unique person. We balance the demands of achievement with the support and compassion that promote confidence, independence and individuality.


We Know Girls

With more than 125 years of experience, we know girls. How they learn, and how they may falter. What motivates them, and what can deter them. The potential they have, and the challenges they will face due to societal pressures and gender discrimination. Here, our students find no limits imposed on them because they are girls, yet the expectation is that they will be fierce advocates for gender equality in the world.


Dominican Charism: A Spiritual Gift

We are here to help the girls of today become the leaders of tomorrow - women who will find solutions for the profound challenges of the 21st century. Because of our founders - the strong and visionary women who were dedicated to fostering opportunity and promoting truth - we forge ahead in our mission. Here, our students learn what it means to grow in the Dominican tradition, to connect academic endeavors with social justice principles, personal spirituality, and a greater purpose.


Finding Her Fire: Individuality

We want every young woman who steps through our doors to chart her own path. We call on our students to explore their interests and passions in order to discover themselves, and we depend on our students to respect and maintain the open and inclusive environment we strive to create. Here, co-curricular activities are driven by student choice, and our individual students flourish with support from the community.

Finding Her Voice: Leadership

We call on our students to use their voices for change. In seminar-style classes, our students learn to think critically and practice reflection, just as they learn to speak with truth, to stand up for their beliefs, and to lead with conviction. Here, students in all grades will find opportunities to lead, from discussions in the classroom to student government, sports, publications, and more.

Our Relationships

The pursuit of education brings us together, while the relationships that we form make us thrive. The bonds at the heart of our community - between faculty and students, and students themselves - define the Mount experience. Here, our students find mentorship, support, and positive role models. They find a place where they can express themselves freely as they engage in intellectual pursuits and grow as women.