Student Medical Record Information

For the upcoming school year, The Mount will continue to use Magnus Health SMR for all online student medical information.

Magnus is an online database used to collect data, forms, and keep information secure while making it easier for parents, coaches, and the school nurse to access material that they may need.

There are many benefits, including less paperwork to complete each year and having more accurate  information that is accessible to you and the appropriate employees at our school. Coaches, field trip proctors, and other necessary faculty will now have access to vital information for their players/students that they may need in case of an emergency. You will also have the option to take the digital health file with you after your child graduates.

Magnus Mobile

The Magnus Mobile V2 app can be used on your phone. See the tutorial and more helpful information: 

Freshmen, Juniors, Transfer Students, and Student Athletes:
Current physicals must be uploaded to the site. For the fall semester, a current physical is one that is dated and signed by a physician from 8/1/2023 to the present. Registration on Magnus and forms must be completed no later than 8/1/2022. If your child is not registered on Magnus and/or physical forms are not submitted by 8/1/2023, she will not be able to attend school or participate in sports.

How do I Submit Forms?

You must upload forms directly to Magnus by scanning them, which can be done right from your phone via the Magnus App or by using any scanner app. Please note that in order to keep your daughter’s information secure and private, forms sent to the school will not be accepted.

Have More Questions or Need Help?

Magnus is here to help! You can visit MAGNUS for online support or call 877-461-6831  to speak with a representative.

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