Our Values

Our Foundation: The Four Dominican Pillars

An education at the Mount reflects the Four Pillars of Dominican life.  Prayer, study, community and mission are the foundation for a successful and meaningful future.  Just as St. Dominic inspired his followers with loyalty to learning and virtue, the Mount endeavors to inspire action on behalf of justice and peace and instill a lifelong passion for learning and truth.   

From the Mount, our students go on to make a lasting impact on the world we share.




Study is a lifelong endeavor. We provide our students with the instruction and resources they need to develop skills in scholarship, critical inquiry and communication. The Mount is a community of learners who challenge each other in the pursuit of academic excellence.


A Mount education prepares students for a lifetime pursuit of truth through knowledge and dialogue.



Prayer is the heart. Whether private or public, prayer is a dialogue. Through liturgies, personal meditation and other activities, we teach dialogue through prayer. In prayer and contemplation, students nourish their spirituality.


Students of the Mount feel the communal bond of daily prayer with their sisters.



Mission is the call to serve others. Peace, justice and equality in the world—these depend on all of us. Through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching and an integrated program of service work, our students grow in understanding their role as global citizens.


Mount graduates are agents of change in search of justice. 



Community allows us to learn from one another and grow with each other. It is celebrating our diversity and progressing because of it. At the Mount, we build community by sharing our experiences—from talents, dreams and successes to hardships, fears and losses—through our liturgies and service work, our courses and student organizations, our athletic teams, performing arts and other groups.


Through our shared experience the journey of each individual student is lighter.