Mission & History

Veritas and Caritas | Truth and Love

Veritas is truth. It is the pursuit of knowledge and a dedication to inquiry—a lifetime of seeking. Veritas is the root of the Four Dominican Pillars: study, mission, community and prayer. The Dominican sisters were founded with the charge to “preach the Word of God through our lives of contemplative prayer, study and ministry in response to the needs of our time.” Learn more about the Four Pillars.

Caritas is love. It is an understanding of ourselves and our fellow women and men. It is a call to service, a commitment to social justice and human rights—charity for the greater good. Caritas drives us to provide an atmosphere of faith, respect and belonging for our students, in turn inspiring in them a true desire for local and global outreach.

For over 125 years, Mount St. Dominic Academy has been empowering young women. With veritas and caritas at our core, we encourage our students to question what they encounter in the world and to be the positive change they wish to see. We call on students to find their passions and put them into action. We prepare students to be global citizens.


Our Mission

Mount St. Dominic Academy, established by the Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell in 1892, is a Catholic, college preparatory school for young women. We are dedicated to the education of young women from a variety of ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds.

The Mount community is committed to seeking the Truth in all aspects of life. The students are able to realize their individual gifts and talents in an atmosphere that fosters academic excellence, respect for diversity, appreciation for the gifts of creation, moral integrity and a heritage rich in Christ-centered values.






Our Legacy: 128 Years of History

From a 19th-century Motherhouse to a 21st-century institution of learning—how did we become the Mount?

The Caldwell Dominicans became an independent congregation in 1881 and began a school in our current location in 1892. Yet we are part of a larger order founded by St. Dominic 800 years ago. Three are more than 27,000 Dominican religious in over 100 countries around the world. Our Order is a global community of preachers, educators and scholars.