Truth and love. Inquiry and commitment. Knowledge and action.  

Veritas and Caritas.

These are the words at the heart of Mount St. Dominic Academy. They are our motto, our essence. They inspire and energize us in our mission: to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique gifts and talents of each individual student and empowers them to ignite positive change in the world around them.

We educate our young women to be socially responsible, globally aware leaders of tomorrow, prepared to find their places in the world outside of the Mount. We embrace the best of our past, a legacy in the Dominican tradition that dates back centuries, and our vision for the future, committed to innovation and progress. The cornerstone of this vision is a commitment to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and personal development of each young woman.


"Catherine of Siena, the Dominican scholar and saint, said ‘Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire,’ inspiring her followers to identify their unique purposes in life and, in so doing, make a lasting contribution to society. At the Mount, we call on our students to find inspiration in Saint Catherine’s words, not just during their time with us, but in their lives after graduation.”




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Girls thrive...

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Women graduates of all-girls schools are educated to become future leaders of our country and our world. Changemakers. Peace purveyors. Mavens of social justice.