Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Doris M. Byrne Endowed Scholarship

The Doris M. Byrne Endowed Scholarship was established to honor one of the Mount’s most dedicated alumnae.

The scholarship, which provides four years of one-half tuition to the Mount, is awarded every year to an incoming freshmen who demonstrate both academic ability and financial need.

A quiet leader, Doris Byrne was a member of the Mount’s graduating class of 1940. All her life, she was committed to improving the lives of young people and gave generously to organizations dedicated to that end. Deeply appreciative of the education she received from Mount St. Dominic Academy, she remained devoted to our school for her entire life. Doris Byrne died on January 22, 2002 at the age of 78. Thanks to her generosity and foresight, we are able to proudly offer this scholarship in her honor today.

The first recipient of the Doris M. Byrne Endowed Scholarship was Melanie Pereira ’09 and the next recipients were Christina Nisivoccia ’13, Nathalie Conklin ’16, Kristina Orgueira ’17, Emma Przyhocki ’17, and Christina DeLotto ’18. Current recipients are Gracie Cleaver ’19, Siobhan Lavery Loos ’20, and Theodora Exilus ’21.

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