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Transformation Tuesday – Meghan ’18

On Transformation Tuesday, hear what MSDA students have to say about what an education at the Mount means to them.

This week, Meghan ’18 shares that being surrounded by peers and classmates has inspired and pushed her to do her absolute best. Her involvement as a school Ambassador has helped her to grow in confidence, and she became a risk taker as a coach for her own Girls on the Run team. Read more of her thoughts about the benefits of attending the Mount:

I believe it has been a benefit to attend the Mount because I learned to be comfortable being myself and that no makeup is needed to be beautiful. In the past four years, my confidence level has soared because I have been surrounded by peers like myself and have classmates that have inspired me and pushed me to do my absolute best.

A great Mount memory that shaped me into the person I am today would be the multiple sport teams and clubs that are available to Mount students. In particular, becoming a school Ambassador has helped me to grow in education, confidence, and be the risk taker I am today. I know this will help me be a successful student at High Point University.

The phrase “She’s the Change” means that nothing will happen by itself, so I must make it happen if I want to see it happen. An example of when this happened in my life, would be when I wanted to start a Girls on the Run team in my hometown. I’ll share with you the story of how I

The Mount’s influence: Volunteerism

When I was younger, I participated in an activity called Girls on the Run, which is a twelve week program for girls in third through fifth grade which teaches and inspires them to take responsibility for their lives – both today and in the future. The program teaches girls how to become more confident, respond to themselves and to others with care, create positive connections with peers and adults, and continue to make meaningful contributions to their communities. Being a participant in this program, my parents saw a change in my confidence levels and the lessons I learned always remained in the back of my head. Attending the Mount, not only shaped me into the person I am today but made me become interested in volunteering.

Determination leads to success

I wanted to find an organization outside of school to volunteer with. I researched Girls on the Run New Jersey coaching and found sites that needed coaches but wondered why there was not a site in my hometown, Florham Park. I reached out to the county director and she told me that they would love for a site to open and told me to organize and plan the days and times the team would meet. I took all of this a step further by posting numerous flyers throughout my town and on different Facebook groups to advertise and spread the word. But I hit a roadblock; not enough girls signed up. I thought that I had failed. Yet I was determined, and I did not give up because I remembered my past experience with Girls on the Run. With a renewed sense of purpose, I decided that I still wanted to be a coach so I spent a season with a team from another town. The next summer, I got a head start on advertising for the fall season of Girls on the Run to ensure that enough girls would sign up to participate. Luckily, I was successful at getting enough registrations for the Fall season and, in the blink of an eye, the season was underway. I am happy to say that we completed the Fall season with a great group of girls and now we are currently practicing for the Spring season with a larger group of girls who are as excited as I am for the rest of our season.

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