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Transformation Tuesday – Julianna ’18

On #TransformationTuesday, hear what Mount students have to say about what an education at the Mount means to them.

This week for the feature about transforming students, Julianna ’18 shares her memories about the open and loving community at the Mount. Read more of her thoughts about the benefits of attending the Mount:

A ‘home away from home’ at the Mount

Freshman year, I had no idea what kind of an impact the Mount was going to have on my life. Upon my arrival at MSDA, I knew no one and had to rebuild myself as a student and friend to other classmates. I never imagined that the Mount was soon going to become my ‘home away from home.’ It became the place where I met some of my best friends and the community that gave me the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. In my years at the Mount, I have always had girls who were my shoulder to lean on during my worst days, teachers that wanted nothing but to see their students succeed, and an atmosphere that embraced all our personalities and cultures. This has made the Mount so special to everyone that is part of it. There truly is no community more open and loving than the one at the Mount. I’m really going to miss this place when I graduate.

Mount athletics teach leadership, perseverance, and that the little things can make an impact on any girl’s life

I’ve been a part of the Mount athletics since freshman year. Every team that I was a part of became so special to me. The girls on these teams always made my heart so happy. My freshman basketball team became my second family during my transition into high school. They were the girls I leaned on for everything for advice or just some comic relief after a long day at school. The Mount softball team has always been my family, leaving me with memories and relationships that I will treasure forever. And of course, the Mount bowling team has never failed to make me smile. Mount athletics have taught me leadership, perseverance, but most importantly, that something as little as a teammate or a team can make a lasting impact on any girl’s life. These teams hold a very, very large place in my heart. I’m so sad to be leaving them as I graduate.

The power of love and empowerment transforms students

“She’s the Change” reminds me of the community here at the Mount. Every girl I have met through the Mount, whether it be current students or alumnae, has shown me the power of love and empowerment. At the Mount, we are encouraged to never settle. Expectations are always above and beyond. Every girl has the power to make a lasting impact. Dreams are within reach and goals are meant to be fulfilled. I’m so pleased that I have had the opportunity to make changes in my own way. I have had a supportive community that empowered me to be the best version of myself that I can be. The Mount has truly taught me that I can ‘be the Change.’

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