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Transformation Tuesday – Grace ’19

On Transformation Tuesday, hear what MSDA students have to say about what an education at the Mount means to them.

This week, Grace ’19 shares that the Mount taught her that she can do anything as long as she sets her mind to it. She was recently instrumental in organizing a service trip to Camp Sunshine in Maine. Read more of her thoughts about the benefits of attending the Mount:

I believe attending Mount St. Dominic Academy gave me direction in life. It taught me that within a community, we all have our roles and our own personal paths and that we just need to discover them. I never thought that service would be one of my passions, but look where I am today! I am involved in several service organizations and I am looking to open more service opportunities to the people around me. The Mount also taught me that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it. I know it sounds cliche, but it is true. Through my education here, I learned that I can do anything and it’s my ambition that will allow me to achieve my goals. I know that the work ethic and values I have been taught at MSDA will allow me to succeed.

New outlook on life

One of my greatest memories at MSDA is attending the Kairos retreat. Although I cannot share many details because of the type of retreat it is, I can say that it gave me a new outlook on how I live my life. It also taught me to appreciate the small moments in life.

I am the future

To me, the phrase “She’s the Change” means I am the future. It means that my fellow students and I have the ability to make lasting impacts on the world.

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