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Transformation Tuesday – Emily ’20

On #TransformationTuesday, hear what Mount students have to say about extraordinary influences in their life.

Emily ’20 participated in an Outward Bound leadership experience. She shares about the summer trip that taught her about living in the moment.

My Outward Bound adventure will forever be the most challenging, humbling, and best experience of my life. I was pushed far out of my comfort zone. As a result, I strengthened my self-confidence.

Each day held new challenges, whether it was hiking 11 miles, or spending 48 hours alone in the woods on my solo campout. My crew of ten fellow students was amazing and I met some awesome people that I will definitely stay in touch with.

Moments of genuine joy

One of my favorite memories was when we all ran into the river to swim after sitting in a lightning drill position for what felt like hours. As we ran into the river after peeling off our soaking wet rain clothes, everyone was smiling and laughing. This trip was full of simple and yet extraordinary moments like this. What made it so special for me was the genuine joy everyone felt, and as we overcame challenges together, we grew tighter. Without distractions, I didn’t have anything to stress about and I truly got to live in the moment.

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