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Student Publications

Golden Fleece

Named for the treasure sought out, according to Greek mythology, by Jason and the Argonauts, the Golden Fleece is the Mount’s own literary treasure. An award-winning literary magazine that showcases poems, art, photography, short fiction and personal essays, Golden Fleece offers Mount students a place to put their creative talents on display, explore the issues of the day and provide new articulations of timeless themes.

  • Join the editorial staff which reviews submissions, designs the layout and determines the overall look and theme of each magazine.
  • Contributions from all students welcomed.
  • The Golden Fleece received First Place with Special Merit from the American Scholastic Press Association in 2009.
  • Membership is open to all Mount students. Staff must submit two works each (e.g. short story, art, photography, poems, etc.)


The Mount’s student-produced digital newspaper offers updates on school events and activities, athletic articles and updates, opinions, expressions, an announcement ticker, and much more. Staff is flexible as the site is updated as frequently as the students wish. Talented students who are interested in writing, photography, online media, and more are encouraged to participate. No prior experience necessary.

  • Join the editorial staff which writes and reviews submissions.
  • Contributions from all students welcomed.
  • Membership is open to all Mount students.


The Mount named its yearbook “Lumen,” the Latin word for light, because we view our students as the light of the future and view our yearbook as a celebration of each and every one of our graduates. Released annually after commencement, Lumen is a record in words and photographs of the school year and has served as a chronicle of Mount St. Dominic Academy’s history. First published in 1938, we turn to Lumen to record all that has changed, recognize all that remains the same, remember who we were and rejoice in who we have become.

  • Lumen staffers are responsible for conceptualizing the school’s largest publication, developing its theme and following that theme throughout.
  • Lumen staffers learn about photography and photojournalism, graphic design and page layout.
  • Staffers must be aware of all that happens during the school year and be able to assimilate new trends to provide an accurate account of contemporary times at the Mount.
  • Lumen received first place in the American Scholastic Press Association 2015 and 2008 yearbook competitions.
  • Membership is open to all Mount students

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