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Whatever a young woman’s talents might be, we offer abundant opportunities for her to shine.

In addition to our athletics, performing arts, student government, and publications, we offer many clubs and other activities. Many are listed below, but students are always free to establish new groups to meet particular interests.

Ambassadors Program
Mount St. Dominic Academy’s Ambassadors are the faces of our school to the outside community and are charged with promoting the school to others while providing service to the school itself. Ambassadors serve as school tour guides during open houses for prospective students and help out as needed during events such as new student registration, parent orientation, the reception for incoming freshmen, high school nights, and the COOP and Siena Scholarship testing days.
Anime Club
As the number of fans of anime, the distinctive form of Japanese animation, grows, the desire to understand Japanese culture has also grown. The anime club helps students to broaden their appreciation of Japanese culture overall, in turn enhancing their appreciation of this unique art form. Activities include watching anime films, tasting Japanese cuisine, learning Japanese phrases and exploring other aspects of Japanese life.
Argosy-Student Digital Newspaper
The Mount’s student-produced digital newspaper offers updates on school events and activities, athletic articles and updates, opinions, expressions, an announcement ticker, and much more. Our staff can be very flexible since the site can be updated as frequently as the students wish. Currently, we are looking for talented students who are interested in writing, photography, online media, and more. No prior experience necessary. Click here to visit The Argosy website to see current student articles.
Art Club
Discover and share your gifts and talents in Art Club! Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the visual arts. We share our individual gifts and talents with our school and community as we develop our artistic skills. We help with Justice Day artwork, build props for the school productions, and hope to complete a lady lion sculpture for outside the Athletic Center this year.
Big Sister/Little Sister
A Mount tradition that dates back generations, the Big Sister/Little Sister program offers an incoming freshman an immediate friend and role model for her first days at the Mount and beyond. Every member of the freshman class is paired with a Big Sister from the junior class. Big Sisters host their freshmen Little Sisters at events throughout the school year, including a welcome luncheon and a Christmas celebration. Big Sisters also offer assistance with other aspects of school life such as exam preparation.
Chinese Club
Chinese Club includes teaching Chinese words and characters, exploring different parts of the culture through crafts, sampling delicious Chinese cuisine, celebrating Chinese holidays, and making trips to local Chinese attractions.
Choir Club meets once per week after school and explores various styles of music including madrigals, sacred and non-sacred classical, Broadway, folk, gospel, international and popular. Students participate in the Winter and Spring Concerts, and potential outreach and service performances. 
Coding Club
Affiliated with Girls Who Code, our club learns about women in technology, the fundamentals of coding, and works on a project using computer science to solve a problem in the community.
Dance Team
Dance Team is made up of a group of girls who have had previous dance training and wish to continue to explore their passion. The team, split in two segments-Jazz and HipHop, provides the girls an outlet to strengthen their technical and performance skill level, ultimately helping build a self-confidence and ability to work/communicate with others. The girls are also able to channel their creativity by choreographing their own pieces that will be showcased in school year performances.
Drama Club
Explore the wondrous world of theatre. Students learn how a show is created, rehearsed, and performed from the point of view of both onstage performers and the backstage team. They discover the elements of a good audition and how to create engrossing scenes. Students are introduced to stagecraft, the components of fabulous sets and lighting, and costuming and assist in The Mount’s fall and spring productions.
Dominican Preaching Team
The Dominican order is known as the Order of Preachers and the Mount’s Dominican Preaching Team allows students to continue in this important tradition. Students have the opportunity to develop and practice their preaching skills, lead the Mount community in prayer and serve important roles during liturgies. Members of the team are also selected to attend the national Dominican Preaching Conference, held each year in Michigan.
Environmental Club
The green movement has never been stronger and Mount St. Dominic Academy is part of this important work! The Environmental Club is dedicated to enjoying and appreciating the natural world around us and preserving our environment for future generations. In addition to heading up the school’s recycling program, club members take hiking trips, participate in neighborhood clean-ups, collect donations to environmental charities, make environmentally-friendly gifts to distribute at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and participate in other activities that help improve our environment and raise awareness about the natural world.
Forensic Sciences Club
Ever wonder about the science behind all of those television shows featuring crime scene investigations? The Mount’s Forensic Sciences Club explores just that. Members get the chance to learn about and test many of the tools and techniques used by real forensic scientists to solve crimes and unravel mysteries. We not only learn a lot about cutting edge science techniques but we have a lot of fun too!
Forensics Team
Explores the theory and practice of public speaking, speech writing, and debate. While recognizing the unique challenges of contemporary public speaking, students are taught to identify and apply key skills and techniques. Emphasis is given to organizing, preparing, writing, and delivering speeches. Students prepare speeches on a variety of topics, learn the art of delivery, and compete in competitions throughout the school year.
French Club
C’est magnifique! C’est le Club Française de l’Académie Mont Saint-Dominique! Club members enjoy and learn about French culture through activities, food tastings and creative projects. Come experience the art, the style, the history that is France!

French National Honor Society
The Société Honoraire de Français is an honor society sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French and recognizes high achievement in French at the high school level. Members are also members of the Mount’s French Club and help to organize activities for the club. They also work to promote enthusiasm for French language and culture.

Golden Fleece-Literary Magazine
The Golden Fleece is MSDA’s literary magazine. We accept submissions of all shapes and sizes, from photos and short stories to drawings and poems. Whatever you’ve made, we want it! Any Mount student has the opportunity to be published, whether you are a part of the activity or not. However, we strongly encourage you to join the Golden Fleece staff. As a member, you will participate in the selection of the content and assist with the design and construction of the final magazine. We encourage every Mountie to send in her art and writing.
Justice Club
A commitment to justice is a key pillar and aspect of Dominican tradition and life, and that commitment is lived out among Mount students through the Justice Club. Club members work to educate the Mount community about justice issues both locally and globally. The Justice Club’s major outreach is Justice Day, an annual event planned around a given theme, which features speakers, breakout sessions, and a service component. Justice Day educates, inspires, and calls the community to action. Past themes have included health issues, violence, poverty, girls’ and women’s issues, and water. 
Key Club
Come be a part of America’s oldest and largest service program for high school students. This student-led organization teaches leadership through service to others. In partnership with the local Kiwanis Club, the Mount’s Key Club works to support projects such as assisting financially and through food donations to the NJ Federation of Food Pantries and assisting at local soup kitchens.

Kind Hearts Club
Kind Hearts Visitations is a branch of the Kind Hearts Ministry at MSDA. About once a month the students visit Marian Manor – a senior citizen residence sponsored by the Sisters of St. Dominic located across the street from MSDA. Kind Hearts also visits St. Catherine Infirmary which is located behind the Athletic Center. Visits to both places include craft making, seasonal parties, games, and also taking time to get to know a different generation. Residents of both locations are thrilled when MSDA students visit and the members of Kind Hearts experience a fun and rewarding time.
Law Society
The Law Society is a club for those interested in learning about our legal system in the United States, and for those looking to law as a possible career choice. We will discuss current legal events and we hope to have guest speakers from the legal profession to further explain the in’s and out’s of our legal system and its impact on our everyday life.
Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers
Spiritual ministry is an important part of day-to-day life at the Mount. Members of the help to facilitate ministry at the school by coordinating and leading worship and other spiritually-oriented activities. Typical activities include planning retreats and liturgies, conducting prayer services, preparing the worship environment and participating in service projects.
Lord's Chords
Students are invited to sing in the choir or play an instrument during school prayer services and masses in The Mount’s liturgical music ensemble, Lord’s Chords.
Lumen - Yearbook
Students will write copy, format pages and take photos during the school year for submission in the yearbook. Join us as we meet to work on providing this memorable keepsake for the whole school.
Math Club
Math Club’s activities include practicing doing logic and other puzzles, practicing competition problems discussing careers with guest speakers, celebrating Pi Day, and reading and discussing math-related books. There is also a tutoring system where students can ask club members for math help. You do not have to be incredible at math to join this club, you just have to be motivated and willing to give your best effort. Anyone taking Algebra through Calculus can participate.
National Honor Society
The nation’s premier organization for recognizing outstanding high school students, the National Honor Society honors students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The members of the Mount’s Aquinas chapter of the NHS continue the tradition of service by completing service projects during the course of the year.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Club
Peanut Butter and Jelly Club meets twice a month after school in the Mount cafeteria. Members make sandwiches for St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark.We gladly accept donations of peanut butter and jelly or monetary funds to help us feed the hungry.
Peer Leadership
The Peer Leadership program assists incoming freshmen as they adjust to the new world of high school while fostering the leadership qualities of selected seniors. Juniors apply to be peer leaders at the end of the school year by completing an application being interviewed by current peer leaders and the peer leader moderator. Once accepted, peer leaders receive special training to facilitate group discussion and group activities for incoming freshmen. Freshmen meet in small groups in the first half of the year to share about adjusting to the new school and seek solutions to any problems they might have. Seniors emerge confident in their ability to relate and to lead and freshmen grow in the discipline of making and following through on independent decisions.
Poetry Club
Love to read, write, or just listen to poetry? Come join the Poetry Club, where you will find other like-minded individuals who share your love of the spoken word! The Poetry Club hosts multiple poetry nights a year that are open to the entire student body in the library media center. Feed your mind and your soul – think poetry club!
Golden Fleece
Named for the treasure sought out, according to Greek mythology by Jason and the Argonauts, The Golden Fleece is the Mount’s own literary treasure. An award-winning literary magazine that showcases poems, art, photography, short fiction and personal essays, The Golden Fleece offers Mount students a place to put their creative talents on display, explore the issues of the day and provide new articulations of timeless themes. Join the editorial staff which reviews submissions, designs the layout and determines the overall look and theme of each magazine. Contributions from all students welcomed.

The Golden Fleece has received numerous recognitions from the American Scholastic Press Association. Membership is open to all Mount students. Staff must submit two works each (e.g. short story, art, photography, poems, etc.)

The Mount’s student-produced digital newspaper offers updates on school events and activities, athletic articles and updates, opinions, expressions, an announcement ticker, and much more. Staff is flexible as the site is updated as frequently as the students wish. Talented students who are interested in writing, photography, online media, and more are encouraged to participate. No prior experience necessary.

Join the editorial staff which writes and reviews submissions. Contributions from all students welcomed. Membership is open to all Mount students.

The Mount named its yearbook “Lumen,” the Latin word for light, because we view our students as the light of the future and view our yearbook as a celebration of each and every one of our graduates. Released annually after commencement, the Lumen is a record in words and photographs of the school year and has served as a chronicle of Mount St. Dominic Academy’s history. First published in 1938, we turn to Lumen to record all that has changed, recognize all that remains the same, remember who we were and rejoice in who we have become.

Lumen staffers are responsible for conceptualizing the school’s largest publication, developing its theme and following that theme throughout. Staffers learn about photography and photojournalism, graphic design and page layout. The members must be aware of all that happens during the school year and be able to assimilate new trends to provide an accurate account of contemporary times at the Mount.
Lumen has received awards in the American Scholastic Press Association 2015 and 2008 yearbook competitions. Membership is open to all Mount students.

Ski Club
Come hit the slopes with fellow Mounties and enjoy one of the most popular winter sports in the world! The ski club sponsors regular trips to Mountain Creek Ski Resort in Vernon, NJ where both established and beginning skiers can hone their skills, enjoy some scenic views and get some great exercise! Think snow!
Spanish Club
Spanish is the second-most spoken native language in the world and the Mount’s Spanish Club explores aspects of Spanish cultures throughout the world. Club members enjoy food tastings, watch Spanish-language movies, practice Spanish dancing and more, all to promote an appreciation of the practices and customs behind this widely spoken language.
Spanish National Honor Society
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish classes. Sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese with over 1,700 national and international chapters, the society recognizes high achievement of high school students in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and promotes a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies.
Spirit Club
The MSDA Spirit Club looks to promote pep rallies and other forms of awareness of what the MSDA community does in athletics, clubs, and service. The club also employs “Leo the Lion” as our school mascot and looks forward to getting MSDA students pumped up about all the great things our students do here outside the classroom.
Student Council
Student Council is the Mount’s student government and members are the school’s most visible leaders. Elections take place each spring and those elected are responsible for leading by example. They foster school spirit and help to create an atmosphere of caring, communication, responsibility, and enthusiasm. Some of their efforts are Pink Day, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Toys for Tots Christmas Drive, and Field Day. Freshmen hold elections early in the second semester of the school year. Student Council meets weekly and meetings are open to the entire Mount community.

Student council positions include:
Executive Board Members – Five seniors and one junior who are elected by the entire student body: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Junior Executive (member of the Junior Class)
Members-at-Large – (Up to Six positions) Two seniors, two juniors and two sophomores who are elected by their respective classes
Class Representatives – Four members each from the sophomore, junior and senior class who are elected by their respective classes: President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer
Homeroom Representatives – One student from each freshman homeroom who is elected by the students in that homeroom. The number of homeroom representatives varies each year in accordance with the number of freshman homerooms.

Craft Club
The Craft Club is a fun and creative group. Our members enjoy learning how to crochet, knit, loom knit, make jewelry, and they will be introduced to other types of beautiful crafts. We have projects that are exclusive for our members and also coordinate with other clubs to create handicrafts for the environment and those in need.
Tech Club
Tech Club is the backbone of the theatre tech program at MSDA. Students participate in building and painting sets, as well as learning lighting, sound, costumes, props, and stage management. Tech crew is responsible for all the technical needs and running crew of each school production.

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