Mount Saint Dominic Academy


In keeping with the traditions of the Dominican order, at the Mount nourishment of the spirit is as important as nourishment of the intellect. Our students grow closer to God because we help them to deepen their faith and better know their own hearts.

Just as liturgical celebration of the feasts, holy days and other special occasions are a regular part of the school year, prayer and meditation is a regular part of the school day. Each day begins with a morning prayer proclaimed over the loudspeaker, so that all of the school can participate together. Themes for the daily prayer are appropriate to the season, date, or a recent event.

Each class also begins with the Dominican blessing:

May God, Creator, bless us.
May God, Redeemer, heal us.
May God the Holy Spirit, fill us with light.


We also hold special prayer services that are scheduled to celebrate special events, observe certain holidays or simply to respond to happenings in the world around us. Each class also holds its own prayer service once a year.

We encourage students to actively participate in planning all aspects of our liturgies and prayer services including selecting the themes, readings and music and preparing the worship environment.

Our worship is supplemented by a more disciplined approach to understanding the Catholic faith through study. Students’ four years of religious education include:

  • Catholic Christianity
  • Sacred Scripture
  • Church History and Morality
  • Contemporary Christian Life

For more information on these classes, see our Religious Studies curriculum.

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