Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Siena Community Service

With so many opportunities available to our students, we ask that they give a little back to their community through our four-year Siena Community Service Program.

This program, which is a graduation requirement, is designed to introduce each student gradually to the experience and responsibility of helping others. Ultimately, we strive to give our students a lifelong dedication to the value of service.

  • Each year, students are responsible for logging in a specified number of hours in community service.
  • As a student advances in school, her number of accountable hours increases and the area of service moves from on-campus to off-campus outreach.
  • During her senior year, each student writes about her service experience, reflecting on the impact and value of her work.

The Siena Program allows our young women to use their strengths to help strengthen others. As students discover, respond to and become more personally involved with the needs of others, they come to realize that service can be a privilege which often gives the helper as much as the one she helps.

Program Ideals

Our program is based on the Corporal works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Visit the Sick, Visit the Imprisoned, and Bury the Dead. The following are some examples:

  • working in a soup kitchen or food pantry
  • working in a nursing home or hospital
  • serving in parish liturgical ministries, volunteering as a Catechist in your parish
  • working at an animal shelter
  • working with those with special needs
  • going on a summer work week in an impoverished area

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