Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Pi Day 3-14-18

The Math Club celebrated Pi Day with a party on March 14th. Pi, represented with the Greek letter “π”, is the symbol used in math to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14159. On 3/14, fun and math challenges are enjoyed.

3.14 and plenty of pie at MSDA

Activities at the Mount party featured food (especially pies – after all, it was Pi Day), a pie eating contest, games and puzzles, a trivia contest (who knew Albert Einstein was born on Pi day, March 14?), distribution of Pi pencils, and a fun time celebrating with friends.

Mr. Vigil competed against Heather ’18 in the pie eating contest. It was a close call, but Heather won, eating more of her pumpkin pie than Mr. Vigil could eat of his lemon meringue pie.

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