Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Peer Leadership

One of the Mount’s distinguishing programs, the Peer Leadership program is designed with a unique dual purpose: to assist incoming freshmen as they adjust to the new world of high school while fostering the leadership qualities of selected seniors.

The seniors facilitate activities, drawing upon their own experiences to initiate their younger peers into life at the Mount. Together with their senior peers, the freshmen discover their new world, themselves, and some brand-new relationships.

  • Juniors apply to be peer leaders at the end of the school year
  • Applicants must complete an application form and sit for two interviews with current peer leaders and the peer leader moderators
  • Once accepted, peer leaders receive special training to facilitate group discussion and group activities for incoming freshmen
  • Freshmen meet in small groups to share their feelings about adjusting to the new school and seek solutions to any problems they might have

All students emerge richer: the seniors–in their ability to relate and to lead; the freshmen–by growing in the discipline of making and following through on independent decisions. The experience is regularly cited by students as one of the highlights of their time at the Mount.

Membership: Seniors are eligible to apply to become leaders
Moderator: Ms. Kristen Zosche
Meets When: Peer leaders and freshmen meet once per class schedule cycle for varied activities during the first semester; peer leader seniors meet two times per cycle.

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