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MSDA Attends Dominican High Schools Preaching Conference

The 20th Annual Preaching in Action Conference took place June 25-June 30, 2018. Students who attend Dominican high schools join together as a Dominican family. They are immersed for the week in the preaching tradition. Six Mount students traveled to Adrien, Michigan to participate in the 20th annual national event.

Conference Themes and Goals

The daily themes include: “Preaching in the Dominican Tradition,” “Preaching the Signs of Our Times,” “Dominican Preaching In Action,” “Preaching Through the Creative Arts,” and “Our Call to Preach the Good News.” The focused days reinforce the Conference goals:

  • explore the significance and meaning of the Word in participant’s lives
  • introduce the foundations and characteristics of Dominican preaching
  • actively engage in prayer and preaching events that model creative ways to make preaching a living dynamic in daily life
  • recognize how preaching occurs in daily life and then empower others to preach

Discovering Inner Preachers

The Preaching in Action Conference empowers students to discover and deepen their inner preacher. There is special focus on the Four Dominican Pillars of prayer, study, community, and mission. Through workshops, presentations, and peer sharing, participants learn that they are unique and individual preachers in their own way. Most noteworthy, at the conclusion of the conference, students are challenged to create an action plan for the upcoming school year. The Dominican Charism is firmly planted in mind, body, and spirit and is promised to continue at Dominican high schools.

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