Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Environmental Club’s Earth Week Activities

The Environmental Club observed Earth Week. The club addressed the issues of plastic in the waste stream and the unavailability of pure drinking water. This affects almost one billion people worldwide.

A day without plastic

On the “Day Without Plastic” challenge, the Mount community was able to reduce its disposal of plastic containers from 350 to 148.  This is a notable reduction of 58%. The Environmental Club hopes that this effort will continue both in school and outside activities.

Earth Day fundraising to make a difference

Club members set up a table in the cafeteria during lunch. Stickers and pins were distributed to students bringing their own reusable water bottle. Fundraising efforts included selling pens made from recycled water bottles and pencils made from recycled newspapers. Students wrote plans for helping the environment on decorated leaves. A total of $110 was collected and was donated to the organization WATERisLIFE. This organization’s goal is to use solar-powered SunSprings. This system includes special filtration like straw filters and bucket filters to provide pure water to millions of people.

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