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Dominican Day 2018 Awards

Sister Barbara Cowan, OP Award

Congratulations to Catherine Browne ’21 for receiving the 2017-2018 award. She is joined by past recipients Heather Burgers ’18, Brooke Ramos ’19, and Ava Rakowski ’20.


Sister Barbara Cowan, OP, Assistant Principal, teacher of Math and Science and founder of the Peer Leadership Program, was at Mount Saint Dominic Academy from 1967-1972 and 1985-2007. Sister Barbara was a woman of faith, quiet strength and convictions. She was a gentle leader with deep respect and compassion for others. A love of learning and a passion for teaching describes her life. Her legacy lives on in all who knew her or of her.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

This award is given to a member of the present Freshman class who:

  • Displays enthusiasm in the classroom and outside of it
  • Has earned the respect of her fellow classmates
  • Demonstrates respect and compassion for others
  • Is involved in school activities
  • Works to her academic abilities
  • Continues the legacy of Sister Barbara

Click here to see past recipients of the award.

Dorothy Day Award

Congratulations to Nieve Beckwith ’19 for receiving the 2017-2018 award. She is joined by last year’s recipient Sarah Sulc ’18.


Dorothy Day was a 20th century American Catholic laywoman recognized for her life of justice, peacemaking and service. This award honor was instituted by the Law Alumnae and Board of Directors of the Mount. The criteria for the Dorothy Day Award require the student to be active in the Justice Club for several years and have actively and willingly contributed throughout those years; serve as a Justice Day leader and other Justice activities at the Mount; and accumulate service hours that are varied, people-focused, and exhibit the corporal works of mercy.

Click here to see past recipients of the award.

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