Mount Saint Dominic Academy


Capstone Field Trip to Philadelphia

Mount seniors in the Capstone in Directed Research Program traveled to Philadelphia for a site visit to Tozuda LLC, where alumna Jessie Garcia ’08 is the founder and CEO. Jessie and her company make helmet sensors to detect concussion strength hits and is mentoring Mount senior Sarah in her Capstone project.

Mount students learn about mechanical acceleration technology

The students had a great experience on the trip, learning much about the head impact sensors and Tozuda’s patented technology. The company’s use of mechanical acceleration technology, allows for detection of linear and rotational forces, without the use of electronics in the sensor. Mount Capstone students saw the innovative process that occurs when significant impact occurs: a dye gets released into the sensor body signifying that a dangerous impact has occurred. This activation alerts the user that he or she should get assessed for a potential head injury, follow proper concussion protocols, and not return to the field or job until properly cleared by a medical professional. Jessie and her team are manufacturing the most affordable and reliable head impact sensors on the market.



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