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A Day Without Plastic at the Mount

Plastic Use Update:

Thank you to all for your efforts to #REDUCEREUSERECYCLE this week as part of the Environmental Club’s “A Day Without Plastic” Challenge. On Monday, 345 plastic items (bottles and drink cups) were counted from bins around campus. On Wednesday, only 148 were counted! That’s great progress, but there’s so much more to be done!
If we make little changes every day, we can make a big difference in the future. Start changing habits! Bring reusable water bottles to school; use a refillable cup for your morning coffee orders & if you must use plastic, empty the containers & remove the tops/lids/labels before recycling. Don’t forget that the salad/sandwich containers in the cafeteria have a recycling symbol on them, as do the foam containers for hot lunches.

Earth Day Initiative

On Monday following Earth Day, MSDA Environmental Club members collected and counted nearly 350 plastic items from the recycling bins around the school. On Wednesday, the school observed “A Day Without Plastic.” The goal was to reduce that number – not just today, but every day!

Reducing Plastic

Although the perfect goal would be “zero plastic,” the Mount is aiming for a 50% reduction in plastic. Here are a few suggestions to help attain our goal: use refillable cups when visiting Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts; use your own bottle at the hydration station; and if you do bring or use plastic, please empty the container before discarding & remove the top before placing the item in the recycling bin.

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