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Cardinal Tobin Celebrates Epiphany & 125th Anniversary

Cardinal Tobin Celebrates Feast of Epiphany and Conclusion of MSDA 125th Anniversary at Mass

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, Joseph William Cardinal Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark, visited Mount St. Dominic Academy to recognize the feast of Epiphany and celebrate the close of our 125th Anniversary Year Celebration. This liturgy brought together our student body, faculty and staff, Sisters of St. Dominic Leadership Team, and Members of the Board of Trustees.

The welcome address was given by senior Rosie Grasso, who also had the privilege to attend the Cardinal’s Bestowal of the Pallium Mass at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in September. She remarked that at that celebration, she was inspired by the congregation of Catholics and our power to unify people of various races, cultures, and locations. The senior continued in her address to call upon the MSDA community to remember our call to service and for us to observe the Four Pillars of Dominican Life beyond our 125th Anniversary Year.

Spreading News Beyond Our Doors

Head of School Sister Fran Sullivan, OP ’60 invited Cardinal Tobin the celebrate our Feast of Epiphany mass that would also recognize the conclusion of the Mount’s 125th Anniversary Year Celebration. She shared the significance of the feast and mass. “The feast of the Epiphany marks the spreading of the Birth of Jesus to the world beyond Bethlehem. We selected this feast to mark the opening and the closing of our 125th anniversary year so that the good news of Mount Saint Dominic Academy would extend beyond our doors. Mount graduates are ‘out in the world’ influencing many for good. Present Mount young women are preparing to move beyond our doors, becoming empowered to be a positive influence in our world.”

Continually Unveiling Gifts

The cardinal thanked Rosie for her welcome and was glad she referred to his pallium. The lambswool garment symbolizes a bishop carrying the lambs on his shoulders. In his homily, Cardinal Tobin expressed that he thought the Feast of Epiphany was a very good idea to celebrate and recognize MSDA’s anniversary. In Greek, the word epiphany means unveiling, the appearance of a mystery, manifestation. He described how our students, past and present, are continually unveiling the gifts that we all are — to our families, to the church, the world, and to ourselves.

In conclusion, Cardinal Tobin referred to Pope Francis’ recent imagery of stars vs. meteors. If we look for the star, it will help steer our ship. The cardinal expanded saying he hopes for all of us to find the constant star, Jesus, as we set sail and continue studies and work here at Mount St. Dominic Academy.

After the mass, the cardinal joined Mount students, faculty, staff, and our distinguished guests for a reception in the Bishops’ Dining Room.

The Mount had the privilege of having a previous honored guest from the archdiocese, a 2014 visit from the Most Rev. Bernard A. Hebda, then-coadjutor archbishop of Newark, who celebrated a liturgy with us.

Click here to view the Facebook LIVE post and an additional recording of mass.

Photos by Pushparaj Aitwal and MSDA Staff

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