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125 Handmade Blankets and Hats for Premature Babies

125 Handmade Items in Honor of MSDA 125th Anniversary

Update January 2018: Ms. Nguyen’s project to complete 125 handmade pieces in honor of the Mounts 125th Anniversary is complete! A total of 166 items, 80 blankets and 86 hats, were donated to St. Barnabas Hospital to be given to premature babies. Ms. Nguyen delivered the crafted hats and blankets and was taken on a tour of the beautiful new NICU in the Cooperman Family Pavilion. She said the staff were very grateful for our generosity.

Students, faculty, and staff have been hard at work crafting preemie baby blankets and hats. Many beautiful and varied works have been added to the growing total that will be donated to premature babies. See the progress in the photo gallery below and read about the inspiring efforts.

Science teacher Michelle Nguyen’s goal is ambitious: make and donate 125 knitted or crocheted baby blankets and hats to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at St. Barnabas Hospital in honor of the Mount’s 125th Anniversary.

Mrs. Nguyen’s inspiration is personal: her daughter was born 3 months early in November 2010. Only weighing 2 lbs. 4 oz., the baby was taken directly to the NICU. The critical state of the newborn prevented the new mom from seeing her baby. When she was allowed to visit the NICU, lines, tubes, and beeping machines were everywhere. The little girl seemed more like a specimen than her baby. Soon after, Mrs. Nguyen again entered the unit and saw that the baby had a knit hat and a crocheted blanket. She learned that the beautiful handmade items had been donated. She states, “It made such a difference and I still have and cherish those items. The care that we both received from everyone at the hospital was the best. It made the entire experience manageable.”

Donated Blankets, Hats, and Yarn

The NICU at Barnabas has babies ranging from under 1 pound to 9 pounds. Mrs. Nguyen’s goal is to donate 125 baby blankets and hats by Christmas. She is extending her plans to our Mount community for anyone to share and contribute. So, any blankets and hats ranging in size from micro preemies to newborn are welcome! The blankets can be 14″ to 30″ square. There are many free patterns online for crocheted or knit hats for preemies to newborns. If you don’t craft but would like to help, donations of baby yarn in any color are a great help and can be dropped off at MSDA, 3 Ryerson Avenue, Caldwell.

Mrs. Nguyen hopes you can help her achieve her goal and help make a family in the NICU feel supported and loved.


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